Slack AI now available to all paid users – Computerworld

The proliferation of AI assistants throws up other challenges for customers. In many cases, organizations will use some combination of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Chat, and Slack products for productivity and collaboration. This potentially means paying for two or more disconnected AI assistants, should customers wish to access genAI features in multiple products.

“[T]he challenge for organizations in mixed vendor environments, [is that] they must consider paying for multiple generative AI tools, each only having insight into one vendor’s data,” said Lazar. “We’re continuing to look at whether or not vendors will share data, or whether or not generative AI copilots will drive vendor consolidation.”

Slack has other AI features in the works. The company plans to extend its AI search and summarization capabilities to access a wider range of data sources, including Slack apps, canvases, clips, and files uploaded to the collaboration app. This will enable more detailed, contextual responses to queries. Slack’s AI will also be used to create summaries of conversations held in its “huddle” audio and video call tool. 


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