Shoppers ‘need to go NOW’ to fill baskets with dupe of discontinued fan favourite chocolate bar spotted in supermarket

SHOPPERS are filling their baskets with a dupe of a fan favourite chocolate bar.

An eagle-eyed chocolate lover has revealed how Sainsbury’s now sell bars which are almost identical to Milky Way Crispy Rolls.

Amicelli are on sale at Sainsbury's


Amicelli are on sale at Sainsbury’sCredit: food finds/facebook
Shoppers say they taste just like Crispy Rolls


Shoppers say they taste just like Crispy RollsCredit: Handout

MilkWay crispy rolls are made from milk chocolate covered wafer biscuits with a light whipped filling.

Crispy Rolls vanished from the shelves of most supermarkets years ago causing uproar amongst fans.

A “Bring Back The Mars Milky Way Crispy Rolls” petition gathered over 1,500 signatures.

However, now fans can grab a similar replacement from Sainsbury.

One woman revealed on Facebook: “If you like those Milky Way crispy rolls… try these. 

“Sainsburys £2.50 Nectar or £4 without. 16x individually wrapped.. 

“Essentially Milky Way rolls.”

Delighted shoppers rushed to the comments to give their opinion.

One wrote: “I’m sure Galaxy used to make these …”

Another said: “Omg are these back?! I LOVED them.”

However, there are still some places where chocolate lovers can buy the original Crispy Rolls., and all stock the MilkyWay favourite.

However, the news comes with a catch – the bars are pretty expensive. is selling a single choc bar for £1.49 per 25g bar and delivery will cost you £3.55.

That’s £5.04 just for the sake of one chocolate bar.

If you know you’ll enjoy a few Crispy Rolls then has a box of 24 for £30 – that works out at £1.25 per bar.

Delivery will set you back an extra £4.45 – so that’s a total of £34.45 for one box.

Belito is selling them at £10.70 for a box of 24, working out at 44p per chocolate.

This is the cheapest if you compare the website prices per bar.


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