Shizuku — A new method for Root Privileges on Android [Download & Install Guide]

Shizuku is becoming quite popular amongst Android enthusiasts who enjoy customization or personalization on their smartphones; things which would rather require rooting their Android devices. Shizuku gives you root privileges using APIs directly, and with even higher privileges as claimed by the developer. So let’s dive into how to install Shizuku and how to use it.

Shizuku developer, RikkaApps, state that it works as a middle man to receive requests from an app (any app that needs root privileges), send them to the system server, and send back the results. So if an app requires access to a service from Android system, Shizuku provides it by acting as a middle man. It can be as simple as uninstalling a system app such as Canta to as complex as revamping the entire UI using Repainter.

There are several apps that make use of Shizuku service. Some popular ones include Repainter, System UI Tuner, Canta, DarQ, Hex Installer and many more. A list of all the supported apps have been listed at the end.

Magisk is still popular. However, it requires tinkering with the system like flashing a custom TWRP recovery, unlocking bootloader, and providing apps with root access permanently; which may compromise the device security if you are a novice. Especially with Samsung and Google Pixel devices integrated with Knox and Titan M security chip as security measures.

Shizuku seem like a safer option if you don’t want to get too deep into the rooting ecosystem. Here is how to download and install Shizuku on any Android.

Download Shizuku App

First, download the latest Shizuku APK from any of the following official download repositories.

How to Install Shizuku on any Android?

In order to use Shizuku apps, You will need to first start the Shizuku service. Then the apps can utilize this service for root privileges.

There are two methods to start Shizuku. First is Wireless debugging, which may only work on Android 11 or above. For Android 10 and lower, use the USB debugging method.


  • Enable Developer Options. As a quick method, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Tap on the Build number several times until you see a message of Developer Options enabled.
  • It is also recommended to enable OEM temporarily, just in case you mess up, so you can flash the stock firmware via recovery.
  • Install and launch Shizuku app on your Android.

#1. Wireless method

  • Enter Developer Options in Settings.
  • Enable Wireless Debugging
Screenshot 20240319 103324 Settings 1Screenshot 20240319 103324 Settings 1
  • Launch Shizuku and tap on Pairing
  • Give notification permission if asked
  • Enter Wireless Debugging option and tap on Pair with code
  • Enter the 6 digit code into Shizuku app from the notification panel
  • Now go to Shizuku and hit START
Shizuku server startedShizuku server started

You can now install any of the supported apps listed below, as Shizuku is now running.

#2. USB Debugging (Wired) method

  • Setup ADB on your Windows PC, MacOS, or Linuz machine.
  • From Developer Options, enable “USB Debugging”
  • Connect device to PC using USB cable
  • Type adb devices in the terminal.
  •  A dialog “Allow debugging” will appear on the device, allow it and confirm.
  • You should see the list of devices attached
  • Enter the following command into the terminal.
Command for Shizuku v11.2.0+ (Tap to show)
adb shell sh /sdcard/Android/data/moe.shizuku.privileged.api/
  • You should see that Shizuku has started successfully in Shizuku app.
Canta app running via ShizukuCanta app running via Shizuku

List of Shizuku supported apps



  • PhoneProfilesPlus – Allows automatic or one-click configuration of your device for specific life situations Apache-2.0



  • AAAD IAP 💰 – Downloads popular Android Auto 3rd party apps and installs on Android Auto Proprietary
  • AmbientMusicMod – Port of Now Playing from Pixels to other Android devices GPL-3.0
  • Android-Screener – A tool for easily adjusting screen resolution and frame rate MIT
  • Android-Show-Taps – Show customized taps upon touches GPL-3.0
  • AutoDark – A small Android app to let you schedule dark mode On/Off MIT (Source code)
  • AutoDND – A simple tool to toggle DND automatically when using specified apps AGPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • Better Internet Tiles – Bring back Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles on Android 12 or higher + a better unified internet tile GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • CarrierVanityName – Carrier Vanity Name is a very simple app to change the carrier names on unrooted Android devices No license
  • ColorBlendr – An application to modify Material You colors of your device GPL-3.0
  • DarQ – DarQ provides a per-app selectable force dark option for Android 10 and above Apache-2.0
  • Language-Selector – Allows users to select individual app languages (Android 13+) Apache-2.0
  • LinkSheet – Restore the Android <12 Url-App-Link-Chooser with Material3 Modified MPL-2.0
  • NoPopping IAP 💰 – Auto Do-Not-Disturb mode Proprietary
  • Repainter IAP 💰 – Install custom Material You designs on your device Proprietary
  • ShizuTools – Contains some easy-to-use tools to go beyond the level of control allowed by Android System No license
  • System UI Tuner – View and modify hidden settings on Android devices MIT
  • TapTap – Port of the double tap on the back of the device feature from Android 12 to any Android 7.0+ device GPL-3.0
  • Taskbar – Use a start menu to access apps. Shizuku can unlock additional features Apache-2.0 (Source code)

Development utilities

  • AndroidAccounts – Dump package names of apps that have registered an account for a user. No license
  • AndroidLowLevelDetector – Detect Treble, GSI, Mainline, APEX, system-as-root(SAR), A/B, etc. Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Cosmic-IDE IDE for JVM development. Uses Shizuku for an embedded shell – GPL-3.0
  • CurrentActivity – A current activity monitor GPL-3.0
  • get_event – Read /dev/input/event* No license
  • LibChecker – An app to view libraries used in apps on your device. Uses Shizuku to determine the install source of other apps. Apache-2.0
  • LogFox – Yet another logcat reader for Android GPL-3.0
  • Logra – Material You logcat viewer for Android GPL-2.0
  • RootActivityLauncher Paid 💰 – Launch/interact with (un)exported activities, services, and receivers. Supports Shizuku alongside root. Proprietary (Source code)
  • SensorsOff – Enable/Disable device sensors via quick settings Apache-2.0
  • TakoStats IAP 💰 – FPS and performance overlay with detailed real-time system information Proprietary
  • wireless-adb-switch Widgets & quick settings tile to toggle wireless debugging (with KDE Connect integration) – GPL-3.0


  • Aniyomi – Tachiyomi fork with anime support and plugin management using Shizuku. Apache-2.0
  • Mihon – Manga reader with plugin management using Shizuku. Independent successor of Tachiyomi. Apache-2.0
  • LOModInstaller – Mod manager for the game ‘Last Origin’ No license
  • pf-tool – Easily import and share Polyfield maps MIT
  • translatefgo – Fate/Grand Order game translation project CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

File management

Installer & app stores


  • Amarok-Hider – Amarok: Hide your private Files and Android APPs with just one click. Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Anywhere – An activity and shell shortcut folder Apache-2.0
  • aShell – A local ADB shell for Shizuku powered android devices GPL-3.0
    • aShell You – Material You Redesign of aShell app. GPL-3.0
  • Batt – A simple app that shows battery status information on Android 14 and later. GPL-3.0
  • DSU-Sideloader – A simple app made to help users easily install GSIs via DSU’s Android feature. Apache-2.0
  • dualapp-mediastore-compatibility – Fixes MediaStore & File IO compatibility issues between HostProfile App and WorkProfile/DualApp/MultiApp. No license
  • KeyMapper – An Android app that changes what the buttons do on your devices! GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • Lemmy Redirect – A simple app for automatically launching fediverse links in your preferred Lemmy client. MIT (Source code)
  • LSPatch – A non-root Xposed framework extending from LSPosed GPL-3.0
  • Mastodon Redirect – A simple app for automatically launching fediverse links in your preferred Mastodon client. MIT (Source code)
  • NaiveproxyForAndroid – A simple application to run Naiveproxy on Android MIT
  • RealMouse – Control the mouse using a virtual touchpad. Designed for secondary displays. Proprietary
  • rebootmenu – Lock the screen or open the power menu using shortcuts. Useful if your power button is broken. MIT
  • ScreenOff – Turn off your Android’s screen without entering standby/sleep mode Proprietary
  • SDMaid-SE – SD Maid 2/SE is Android’s most thorough cleaning tool GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • SecondScreen – Better screen mirroring for Android devices Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Show taps Ads – Displays the location of touch events on the screen Proprietary
  • SimpleWear – A simple app for controlling your Android devices from your WearOS watch Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • SwiftBackup IAP 💰 – Swift Backup can backup your important data in minutes Proprietary
  • XtMapper – Keymapper for Android x86 GPL-3.0


Software management

  • App Ops Ads IAP 💰 – Manage application permissions without root Proprietary
  • Blocker – Enable/disable Android components such as activities, services, receivers, and providers Apache-2.0
  • Canta – Uninstall any app without root LGPL-3.0
  • DisabledLauncher – Android app that disables unused apps while still allowing convenient access to them MIT
  • FreezeYou – Improve your device’s speed and battery life by freezing crappy software manually or semi-automatically Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Hail Freeze, hide or disable any app. Create and organize app groups that can be frozen with one click. – GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • Ice Box IAP 💰 – Freeze or hide apps using Shizuku Proprietary
  • Inure App Manager 15-day trial Paid 💰 – Android app manager for both rooted and non-rooted devices GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • Insular – Complete FLOSS fork of Island Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Island – Isolate and clone apps for privacy protection and parallel running Apache-2.0 (Source code)
  • Package Manager – A highly powerful app to manage both system and user apps GPL-3.0 (Source code)
  • UpgradeAll – Check updates for Android apps, Magisk modules and more! GPL-3.0 (Source code)


Google Pixel

  • pixel-volte-patch – Enable VoLTE on Pixel 6 & 7 with LG U+ GPL-3.0
  • Smartspacer – Customizable widget, can upgrade the built-in ‘At a glance’ widget on Pixel devices using Shizuku GPL-3.0

Samsung OneUI

  • Hex Installer: OneUI themes IAP 💰 – Custom system-wide theming engine for Samsung OneUI devices Proprietary
  • SMTShell – Privilege escalation exploit (CVE-2019-16253) to system user access (UID 1000) on non-rooted devices running up to OneUI 5. Uses Shizuku for automation LGPL-2.1


  • AppLock – Prevent apps from being killed by side slide or one-click cleanup on MIUI 12+ GPL-3.0
  • FiveGSwitcher – 5G shortcut switch for MIUI GPL-3.0 – (Source code)
  • FxxkMIUIAd – Turn off MIUI ads with minimal cost Apache-2.0
  • Mi-FreeForm – Display most apps in the form of freeform on MIUI GPL-3.0

Unlisted apps

Apart from the main list, all apps that do not meet certain requirements can be found here –

I’m also using an automated crawler that searches for new projects making use of Shizuku across GitHub and several F-Droid repos.

Thansk to Shizuku and Source


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