Samsung rep says High-NA EUV is good for logic fabrication but might have cost issues for memory — Intel, ASML, and others share more bullish views

At the SPIE Advanced Lithography + patterning conference in San Jose, California, experts from different sectors of the lithographic ecosystem discussed the prospects of Low-NA and High-NA extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. Their views ranged from highly optimistic to cautious, particularly regarding High-NA EUV. For memory production, a Samsung rep noted worried about the costs associated with High-NA EUV.

Young Seog Kang, a Fellow at Samsung involved with memory production, said that Low-NA EUV is already operational, and chip manufacturers might prefer using double patterning with Low-NA EUV or resorting to advanced packaging techniques as more economical alternatives rather than using High-NA EUV. For memory, he predicted a shorter lifespan for EUV in general, citing potential challenges in performance and cost when trying to extend the technology. However, he acknowledged that EUV might remain relevant longer for logic chips due to their more complex layouts.


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