Samsung makes its best TVs more affordable but only for a limited time

Samsung’s best 8K TVs aren’t exactly cheap with some models costing well in excess of £6,000. That’s a high price to pay for a nightly boxset binge but things have finally been made a little more affordable thanks to a post-Christmas sale event along with a special discount code. For example, Samsung’s top-of-the-range 85-inch QN900C 8K screen usually costs a whopping £6,499 but this can be reduced via a number of incentives.

Firstly, there’s Samsung’s sale which instantly slashes £700 off of that list price. Next, you can use the code TV10 to get another 10 percent reduction which brings the total down to a slightly more affordable £5,299. Finally, if you have a working telly you want to get rid of, Samsung will let you trade it in and get up to £500 off the cost of something new.

With all of those discounts and offers applied, the QN900C 8K drops from £6,499 right down to £4,769 – that’s a mighty bargain. If an 85-inch display sounds way too big, there are price cuts on the smaller 75-inch and 65-inch versions plus Samsung is also offering money off its less expensive QN800 and QN700 range which now starts from under £1,700.

Don’t want 8K? Don’t panic as you’ll also find similar deals available on Samsung’s 4K screens with prices starting from under £900.


If any of those offers sound enticing then you need to act fast with Samsung confirming that the discounts will end on January 2nd 2024.

There’s no question that these are solid offers, especially if you want an 8K TV which offers four times the resolution of standard 4K and is eight times better than HD.

However, before you splash out there is a word of warning.

The yearly CES technology show will kick off next month under the bright lights of Las Vegas and this is where all the big manufacturers including Samsung and LG will reveal their upcoming TVs for the year ahead.

It’s likely that 2024 will see screens that are even bigger and brighter than before so those wanting the very best experience might want to wait and see what’s announced before buying a telly in the sales.

CES kicks off on January 9 and will be there to bring you all the news live from this event – watch this space.


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