Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra in for review

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S9 series alongside its latest foldables in July and we now welcome their most premium representative in our office. For the second generation in a row, the biggest tablet in the company’s lineup is the Ultra, but its advantages stretch beyond size.

The 14.6” tablet is the best the company can offer, and we’ll do our best to examine it to determine whether the $1,200 starting price is worth it.

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is massive with its 32.6 cm width and 20.8 cm height. It is designed with landscape usage in mind, so the notch for the dual cameras is along one of the long sides. Taking it out of the box we found the tablet is not easy to hold if you don’t have anything to rest it against – it is heavy and unbalanced for one hand with its 732-gram body, and two hands mean you can’t reach most of the display.

Our retail box had a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, and an S Pen. The stylus is a great addition because the huge canvas of the S9 Ultra really lets your creativity thrive.

We understand some artists prefer the slate to lay flat on the table, but in virtually any other scenario the tablet needs support.

Compared to Tab S8 Ultra, the S9 top dog comes with a brighter display, IP68 water and dust resistance, variable refresh rate, and, of course, the latest Qualcomm chipset.

There are also four AKG-tuned speakers, grouped in two on both sides – all of these are pretty intriguing specs worthy of detailed inspection.

Samsung built a tablet that aims to deliver a proper answer to the iPad Pro 12.9 by Apple. The review is already underway and once it’s done we’ll know how well that turned out. Stay tuned!


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