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Samsung Galaxy M55 review: Stellar package steals the thunder from A series | Technology News

Samsung’s smartphone lineup has grown confusing of late. It was pretty straightforward previously – the S series was the flagship, the A series sat a step below, the M was mid-range, and the F was the budget offering. That hasn’t changed, but the lines are blurrier than ever.

Case in point, the new Galaxy M55 that I’ve been testing will get 4 years of Android updates and 5 years of security patches, just like the higher-end A35 I reviewed recently. Here’s why I think this makes it the best Samsung device to get under Rs 35K.

Design and display

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Sure, software support is no longer a clear differentiator between the different series. But Samsung still tries to distinguish them through materials and build quality. The A-series has glass backs and even metal frames, while the M55 is an all-plastic affair.

samsung galaxy m55 review (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

Here’s the surprising bit though – the M55 feels much better in hand than those pricier A-series phones for a couple of reasons. First, it has curved sides and a slightly curved back that doesn’t dig into your palms like those two new A models. Secondly, at just 180g and 7.8mm thick, it’s remarkably light and slim. Combine that with trimmer bezels than the A35, and you have a device that looks more premium despite the cheaper materials.

In fact, this is one of the better-designed phones at this price point. My only gripe is with the colour options – the blue unit I tested has an iridescent finish that’s a bit loud, while the black option has a bluish tint that makes it not quite black. A stealthy matte black would’ve been preferred.

Festive offer
samsung galaxy m55 review (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

Meanwhile, the 6.7-inch display is simply excellent. The colours are punchy and accurate (perhaps a tad oversaturated), and it’s easily one of the best panels I have seen on a phone this affordable.

Performance and software

Performance is another high point, thanks to the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip under the hood. If you read my A35 review, you’d know I wasn’t a fan of the sluggish Exynos 1380. But this Snapdragon SoC makes One UI 6.1 (based on Android 14) an absolute joy to use – smooth and free of stutters. In an ideal world, an in-house developed chip would have performed better, but somehow Snapdragon optimisation always ends up winning.

Speaking of One UI, this being an M-series device, there’s more bloatware pre-installed compared to the cleaner A-series experience. But Samsung’s custom Android skin continues to be one of the most feature-packed in the game, thanks to partnerships with big names like Microsoft. You get seamless Windows integration, Samsung’s own complete fleet of apps and services to replace Google’s offerings if you wish, and extras like the Samsung Wallet with DigiLocker-like features for securely storing digital documents.

samsung galaxy m55 review (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

While we’re on the topic of software, four years of OS updates and five years of security patches are unheard of at this price point. Samsung’s commitment to extended support across its lineup, premium or not, is truly commendable.


I wish some of the AI camera features from the flagship S24 series trickled down to the M55 as well. Because while the 50MP primary camera (with OIS) does a decent job in good light, capturing enough detail and reasonably accurate colours, low-light performance is okay at best. The 8MP ultrawide is subpar too, and even the 50MP selfie shooter left me underwhelmed with its poor image quality, despite my optimism initially because of the resolution.

samsung galaxy m55 review sample (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)
samsung galaxy m55 review sample (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

I am guessing some of these things will be improved with software updates, particularly the front camera which does seem like it isn’t delivering its fullest.

Other stuff

The 45W wired charging for the 5,000mAh battery is a first on a Samsung phone at this price point. In fact, last I checked, the Galaxy S Ultra models were the only Samsungs capable of juicing up this quick. It gets the job done in around an hour but you’ll have to purchase a PD charger to experience that since there’s none in the box.

What else is there? Well, the stereo speakers sound rather tinny. And the haptics experience was far from crisp.


samsung galaxy m55 review (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

When I reviewed the Galaxy A35, I called it the ideal entry point into Samsung’s smartphone ecosystem. But the Galaxy M55 has decisively stolen that crown. It’s a fantastic all-rounder that nails the fundamentals – slim and lightweight design, brilliant display, swift performance, exceptional software support, and long-lasting battery life with (real) fast charging. The cameras may not wow you, but there’s so much else to like at this price that it’s hard not to recommend this phone.

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