Ruby on Rails extends Docker support

With the beta release of Ruby on Rails 7.1, the Ruby-based web application framework now will produce all the Dockerfiles needed to deploy an application.

Unveiled September 13, Rails 7.1 beta 1 offers default Docker support. When generating a new application, the framework now will include Docker-related files in the application. These files are turned for production use with caching layers, multi-stage building to minimize large image sizes, and dependences needed whether developers use a JavaScript build environment or not.

Developers can access Rails 7.1 beta 1 from GitHub. Also in Rails 7.1:

  • Built-in support is offered for the Trilogy MySQL database adapter.
  • New applications can be generated by using the Bun JavaScript runtime.
  • Capabilities are featured for building an authentication system, to complement has_secure_password. For starters, normalizes declares an attribute normalization, to normalize attributes before saving to a database. Then, authenticate_by protects againt common timing attacks when a user is authenticated in a controller. Also, generates_token_for can be used to implement features such as password reset, and has_secure_password can verify the current password when updating the password.
  • Support for asynchronous queries has been expanded for Active Record, making it easier to run multiple, slow queries in parallel.
  • The perform_all_later method in Active Job was added to streamline the process of enqueuing large numbers of jobs simultaneously.
  • A new configuration method, config.autoload_lib(ignore:) has been introduced, to enhance the autoload paths of applications.

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