Rivian’s R3 is the EV of the moment – here’s why it might just be the EV of your future

“One more thing.” That’s what RJ Scaringe, Rivian’s CEO, said not once – but twice – at the R2 launch event in Laguna Beach last week. It was a fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs, who famously introduced Apple’s most iconic products with these same three words. And Rivian delivered. While the R2 was pretty much what everyone expected, the R3 and R3X whipped the internet into a frenzy of surprise, delight, and excitement.

I’ll admit it – I’m very much on board Rivian’s EV train to Adventureland. But there’s a lot that could derail the company’s ambitious plans. The R2 isn’t expected to ship until 2026 at the earliest, and the R3 and R3X sometime after the R2. That’s a long time to wait, and the auto industry isn’t standing still. So, while the R3 (and the R3X, especially) is the EV of the moment, could it still be the EV of your future? I believe so, and here’s why.

Rivian R2: the volume seller

Rivian R2

(Image credit: Rivian)

It’s impossible to discuss the R3 and R3X without first talking about the R2. Both EVs share the same platform, and the R3’s mass production depends on the success of the R2. With the R2, Rivian is offering a two-row mid-size electric SUV with similar range, performance, and pricing as Tesla’s ultra-successful electric crossover, the Model Y. And let’s not forget that the Model Y was the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2023.


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