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Review: Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset

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The Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset is an impressive addition to your gaming arsenal. Furthermore, this version is suitable for PC or Xbox. As such, you needn’t worry about the latest culling of unofficial accessories. Alongside this, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos sound as a lifetime subscription is included in the price. This was a nice bonus as it makes any game and genre feel more immersive.

On top of this, the headset is extremely easy to use and setting it up is a cinch. Accordingly, if you are a technophobe but want the best bang for your buck, the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset should get the thumbs up. Furthermore, the plush earcups and easy-to-locate switches and dials ensure that this is a user-friendly device.

What’s in the box of the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset?

  • The box is simple but nice to look at. Additionally, it highlights both the Xbox and Dolby certification. 
  • The Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset isn’t obnoxiously vibrant. Consequently, it doesn’t give off gaming vibes like its peers. Instead, its understated appearance will appeal to an unassuming gamer.
  • Connect this headset with the 3.5mm audio cable or the wireless dongle.
  • Keep the battery charged with the micro USB-B cable.
  • Learn the basics with the short user guide. 

Technical aspects. 

The Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset delivers exceptional audio and crisp voice communication. Thanks to the 50mm drivers and Dolby Atmos as standard, gamers can elevate their experience. Moreover, the noise-cancelling microphone helps reduce miscommunication while keeping your teammates happy.

If I was to be picky, I’d say that the bass can be overpowering at times. Consequently, this can cause problems during heavy artillery moments. However, this problem rarely rears its ugly head, and it shouldn’t cause too many issues. 

The microphone utilises 3 stage profiling for voice monitoring. Subsequently, you can adjust the sound of your voice as you talk to your friends. Alternatively, if you wish to mute your chat altogether, you can flip the mic into the off position. This was a great design choice that helps to maintain privacy.

The audio quality of the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset

The most important aspect of any headset is its audio quality. Thankfully, the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset delivers an impressive range of tones. Furthermore, the meaty 50mm drivers reduce distortion whenever the volume is cranked up. 

If you then consider the excellent Dolby Atmos and the customisable EQ, you can get the balance just right. If you don’t fiddle with the settings, I found the bass to be somewhat overpowering during loud, busy moments. Yet, if you tweak things, this issue is almost unnoticeable. 

What impressed me, however, were the excellent highs, the powerful mids, and the balance of the low tones. Consequently, once you remove the minor bass issues, you get an excellent headset that competes with its peers. 


The chunky but smooth dials help to adjust volume levels and game/chat balance. However, a lack of audio cues will be an irritant for some. Yet, once you get the settings right, you’ll adore every exceptional moment you experience. Alongside this, the free-to-download Dolby App helps you to get the most out of this device. 

The Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset can be used wired or wireless on both Xbox and PC. If you are an Esports enthusiast, this device is tournament-ready thanks to its in-line audio system. However, if you are a casual gamer, you’ll love the straightforward wireless dongle. Simply plug this into your console, turn on the headset, and away you go.

Build quality.

The audio quality is exceptional. Yet, I was more impressed by the hardy build quality. This spectacular device has plush earcups that are made from vegan leather. Additionally, the headband is comfortable and the earcups can be adjusted with ease. 

Alongside this, the dials and buttons are tactile and easy to locate. However, the use of a micro USB-B port was an odd choice. I’d have preferred if the manufacturer had used a modern USB-C alternative. Thankfully, though, the 16-hour-plus battery life ensures that this is a minor issue.

Is the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset worth it?

Buying the right gaming headset can be challenging. If you are an avid gamer, you want exceptional audio, impressive build quality, and an immersive experience. On top of this, you won’t want to break the bank. Luckily, the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset ticks every box!

This amazing device delivers game-changing audio and crystal-clear communication. What’s more, the Dolby Atmos sucks you into every game you play. If you then consider the incredible build quality, and the versatility of both a wired and wireless connection, this device has it all. Accordingly, I adore this headset and I recommend that you buy it here!

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The Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.

(Full Disclose! The manufacturer provided a sample for this article.)


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