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The VelocityOne Flightstick from Turtle Beach is a versatile and interesting gaming peripheral. Moreover, this simulation tool can be hard-wired for both Xbox and PC. Consequently, it reduces the need for multiple accessories and helps to keep your workspace streamlined. What’s more, it has an array of custom options as well as the ability to link it via USB-C to other peripherals. Accordingly, you have everything you need in one place.

Alongside this, the flightstick is designed predominantly for space simulation or combat flight games. However, I enjoyed using it with Microsoft Flight simulation as well. However, there are better accessories that will improve your MFS experience. For example, look at the VelocityOne Flight for a more complete setup. Yet, this doesn’t detract from what is otherwise an impressive and affordable gaming accessory.

What’s in the box of the VelocityOne Flightstick?

  • The packaging is vibrant, recyclable, and easy to the eye. Furthermore, a helpful fabric loop allows you to carry it easily. What’s more, the robust packaging ensures the contents remain safe during transit.
  • The VelicityOne Flighstick comes preassembled. Alongside the 32 buttons and 8 axes, you’ll discover 3xM5 slots to secure this controller. This was essential as the unit would move unless secured to a surface.
  • A braided USB-C cable powers the controller.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the overview guide.

Technical aspects.

I was blown away by the number of buttons and the incredible flight management display. Accordingly, it takes some time to get used to every aspect of this controller. However, what impressed me, was its versatility across each platform. As such, if you enjoy VR gaming, you needn’t worry about a separate mouse or using a keyboard. Consequently, you can focus on your game and little else.

Turtle Beach focuses on usability thanks to the 27 programmable buttons and the awesome OLED flight management screen. The VelocityOne Flightstick uses an interesting FMD configurator wheel that is located at the base of the stick. This twistable wheel allows you to adjust a plethora of settings without playing with in-game menus. As such, you can alter audio, input, buttons, and much more. Additionally, you can test the device and change your profile with ease.

This incredible “at your fingertip” approach ensures that the controller is aligned with your gameplay style. Furthermore, you can adjust sensitivity and rudder lock, and you can choose stick orientation. Subsequently, it matters not if you are right or left-handed as this stick works perfectly either way.

In-game use.

The VelocityOne Flightstick was incredible no matter what game I played. Thanks to the adjustable settings, I could flit from fantasy sci-fi space games and ultra-realistic combat simulators without concern. Additionally, the ability to customise buttons and alter audio was a game-changer. Yet, the latter may be somewhat cumbersome for PC users. Accordingly, this element may be defunct.

I was impressed by the accuracy of both the digital and analogue POV buttons. Moreover, the placement at the top of the stick allows them to be used without undermining the rest of the controls. What’s more, the ability to flit between precision and fast modes changes this controller completely. As such, it takes some trial and error to get the right set-up. However, once you get things right, you’ll adore what you experience.

Build quality.

The VelocityOne Flightstick is unbelievably well-built. This compact sim controller moves on 8 axes and is perfect no matter what flight game you play. Additionally, the sturdy stick movement is reassuring and smooth thanks to the non-contact hall effect sensor in the yoke shaft. Alongside this, the throttle and flap control levers require minimal movement to make an impact. Subsequently, this requires some patience to master. However, the lower-placed detent buttons make a pleasant and decisive click that is easy to acknowledge. As such, it is perfect when playing in VR or if you are in a hefty and hectic battle.

On top of this, the ability to use the aux connection ports was a stroke of genius. I love that you can power multiple accessories from this controller and that streamlines your setup further. The well-positioned wrist support can be altered if you wish and this is essential if you are playing marathon gaming sessions. Furthermore, another key element was the m5 bolts. If you wish to have the best experience, I suggest you secure the stick to a workstation. 

Is the VelocityOne Flightstick worth it?

There are some incredible flight sim accessories. However, most are expensive and lack versatility. Thankfully, the  VelocityOne Flightstick is incredibly easy to set up, wonderful to use, and can be enjoyed whether you use VR, PC, or an Xbox. What’s more, the customisable buttons, RGB backlighting, 3.5mm audio port, and robust build quality make this stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it feels incredible to use and I loved how responsive every input was. As such, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Turtle Beach can be found here!)


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