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The Tinker 65 keyboard from ProjectD exceeded my expectations. Not only is this device affordable, but it is built with a high-quality experience in mind. Additionally, I was blown away by its customisation, durable build quality, and its vivid RGB light display. On top of this, you know that it’ll impress you as ProjectD is a Ducky brand. Accordingly, you are assured of the best customer service and a high-end product.

This 65% form factor keyboard is perfect for gamers or people with compact workstations. Moreover, its low-latency connection reduces input lag and this will impress elite gamers. However, where it excels is its barebones approach. This amazing keyboard can be customised without the worry of soldering. Consequently, you can create the keyboard of your dreams without investing too much time.

What’s in the box of the Tinker 65 keyboard?

  • The compact packaging is sleek and easy to look at. Additionally, it is robust and can be recycled.
  • The Tinker 65 keyboard is a slender and lightweight peripheral. Moreover, it has a detachable USB cable for easy storage.
  • The braided USB cable is long enough for most desktop setups.
  • A keycap puller allows you to remove the OEM keycaps.
  • The switch puller lets you remove the Cherry MX mechanical switches.
  • A basic user guide gets you started.

Technical aspects.

The Tinker 65 keyboard is built with high-end gaming in mind. Thanks to the 1000 Hz polling rate, you will be on top of your game. Alongside this, it utilises QMK/VIA multifunction software. Subsequently, you can map the keyboard to your heart’s content. This is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to get that match-winning edge. Thankfully, it wasn’t complicated to use and the online user manual talks you through the opening steps.

If this isn’t enough, you can customise the keycaps and switches. I was happy with the standard OEM keycaps and the Cherry MX mechanical switches. Yet, if you want something different, this keyboard is 5-pin hot-swappable. As such, you can pick from brown, blue, red, or speed silver switches. With no requirement to solder, the switching process is straightforward. This user-friendly approach makes the Tinker 65 keyboard the ideal option for inexperienced gamers.


I’ve touched upon its gaming prowess. Yet, it excels as a typing keyboard as well. Thanks to the OEM keycaps, you enjoy a comfortable and familiar typing experience. Moreover, the wonderful clunky mechanical switches deliver a retro-clacky sound. Alongside this, the 65% form factor allows for greater mouse movements. As such, if you are animated whenever you use your mouse, you won’t run out of desktop space. 

Now, the lack of a numpad takes some getting used to. However, the QMK/VIA multifunction software tackles this issue. Alternatively, the Tinker 65 keyboard comes preprogrammed with key input functionality. Subsequently, if you don’t feel comfortable creating your input mapping, ProjectD has you covered.

Build quality.

Keyboards are fantastic until their keycaps start to fade or shine. When this happens, it can make it difficult to type and the peripheral appears messy and unloved. Thankfully, though, the Tinker 65 keyboard doesn’t suffer from this issue. The PBT double-shot keycaps are finished with a frosted surface. Accordingly, they are shine and stain-resistant. Additionally, the legends resist fading even when used for years.

The hard-wearing case combines CNC aluminium and a plastic shell to create a robust and sleek finish. As such, this is built to last despite its lightweight nature. On top of this, it has a wonderful RGB edge that isn’t too exuberant. The south-facing PCB with customisable RGB lighting lets you be as bright or as dull as you wish.

Alongside this, the gasket mount, PCB layer, and 2-step keyboard feet ensure that this is comfortable to use. Furthermore, the ability to select your favourite switches and alter the keycap profile is a game-changer.

Is the Tinker 65 keyboard worth it?

Getting the right keyboard isn’t easy! However, I think ProjectD have done a great job with the Tinker 65 keyboard. Thanks to the fully customisable approach, this peripheral is versatility personified. Moreover, it is user-friendly and will impress the greatest of technophobes. Additionally, its high polling rate and impressive build quality are ideal if you are a competitive gamer. Consequently, I love this keyboard and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Ducky can be found here!)

The Tinker 65 keyboard from ProjectD has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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