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Shivering Stone is a relaxing and understated endeavour. However, it is also inexpensive, and its relaxed approach makes it the perfect casual experience. Yet, though there was plenty to enjoy, I was left wanting as there wasn’t enough depth for my liking.

This pushing blocks puzzle title was developed by doublemizzlee and Eastasiasoft Limited and published by the latter. Moreover, there are plenty of levels for you to get your teeth into. As such, though it doesn’t evolve too much, there is plenty of bang for your buck.

This is a straightforward puzzle.This is a straightforward puzzle.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to complete.

Shivering Stone leaves you guessing. 

Though the puzzle genre isn’t renowned for its captivating plots, I like it when a developer tries something new. Sadly, though, Shivering Stone fails to break the mould and this was unfortunate. Additionally, the gameplay is linear and this reduces creativity further. Accordingly, there are limited ways to solve each problem, and it takes forever to introduce new mechanics.

Alongside this, you are not compelled to complete each level, and you don’t feel any empathy towards the protagonist. Instead, you plod along as you methodically solve each issue. Now, I know a story isn’t essential, but it would have added depth to an otherwise run-of-the-mill game. What’s more, if a timer and a sense of danger had been incorporated, it would have made the action more demanding and dramatic.

The hero must push 3 boulders.The hero must push 3 boulders.
Think ahead and push those boulders.

Push each boulder.

The core concept is extremely straightforward. The exit to each level is blocked by spiked gates. If you wish to open the exit, you must activate each switch. However, to activate each switch, you must relocate each icy boulder. Yet, this isn’t that easy as you must navigate winding corridors, sticky snow, and other problems to complete each stage.

Alongside this, you’ll need to relocate certain stones to form new paths. As such, you must think ahead and form a logical plan before you start to move. Unfortunately, unlike its peers, Shivering Stone has no rewind button. Subsequently, if you make an error, and you will, you must restart the stage and hold back your screams of rage.

Shivering Stone won’t blow you away.

Though the rudimentary gameplay was okay, I wasn’t blown away by the visuals. Shivering Stone utilises a top-down and fixed-screen perspective. Additionally, it highlights its icy prowess with a cool colour palette. Yet, its simple visuals and basic stage design leave a lot to be desired. Consequently, it lacks originality and quickly outstays its welcome.

Though the visuals didn’t float my boat, I loved the audio. The relaxed soundtrack was atmospheric and well-considered. Moreover, the basic sound effects worked well without going crazy.

The puzzle requires some forward thinking.The puzzle requires some forward thinking.
It’s getting more complicated.

Simple controls.

Shivering Stone is exceptionally easy to master. With limited controller inputs, you’ll quickly learn the fundamentals. Additionally, its simplicity makes it the perfect title for newcomers to the genre. 

50 stages stand between you and victory. Furthermore, each level becomes more convoluted and tough to overcome. As such, if you can stomach the repetitive and basic nature of the gameplay, there is some replay value and longevity.

Shivering Stone should have been better.

Shivering Stone has some redeeming qualities. However, there are plenty of great puzzle titles that blow it out of the water. Unfortunately, a lack of depth and evolution hold it back from reaching its potential. Yet, I liked the music, the casual approach, and the icy theme. Sadly, though, I cannot recommend it. But more information can be found here if you wish! Can you escape every level? Study your surroundings, push the boulders, and escape each stage.


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