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Review: ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad

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ROCCAT Sense AIMO Mousepad (Trailer)

The ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad is a vivid and well-constructed gaming accessory. This responsive mousepad ensures you get the best experience no matter what game you play. Furthermore, its exceptional materials feel and look fantastic.

On top of this, the vibrant RGB lighting can be synced with other AIMO devices. Accordingly, your gaming setup will pop and will be the envy of your gaming community. Additionally, the detachable USB cable enables you to stow this with ease when not in use. 

What’s in the box of the ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad?

  • The dark but alluring packaging catches your eye. Moreover, it has some attractive imagery and key selling points. 
  • The ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad comes in 2 sizes. I’m reviewing the medium option. However, an XXL version can be purchased as well. 
  • Power the mousepad with the braided USB cable. 
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user guide. 

Technical aspects. 

Competitive gaming requires pinpoint accuracy and impressive reactions. Thankfully, the ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad delivers both of these elements. Thanks to its exceptional top-tier material, your mouse will glide with ease. Alongside this, you’ll enjoy a vivid light display thanks to the 2 programmable light zones.

Accordingly, if you combine this mousepad with the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max keyboard and the ROCCAT Kone XP Air, you’ll enjoy a masterful light display. Each of these devices utilises Swarm software and AIMO technology to deliver a synchronised hue. Consequently, your (wo)man cave will look on point as you game to your heart’s content.

Swarm app

The ROCCAT Swarm software is free to download. This easy-to-navigate program allows you to adjust every aspect of your PC peripherals. Moreover, thanks to the intuitive UI, you’ll have a dream set up in no time at all. Though this is straightforward to use, there is plenty of depth for experienced PC gurus. Accordingly, this is the ideal add-on for new and advanced users. 

Build quality.

The build quality is amazing! This mousepad combines a non-slip rubber base with a wonderfully tailored top layer. Furthermore, the RGB lighting is flexible, and the stitching is robust. Additionally, you experience no uncomfortable rubbing on your wrist or hand as you navigate the surface. Consequently, this is perfect for lengthy gaming sessions.

I was impressed by the well-placed power unit and the detachable braided USB cable. The PU is located at the top and this reduces conflicting movements. Furthermore, you won’t experience any tangled cables if you use a wired mouse. Talking of wires. If the USB cable becomes damaged, you can simply replace it. Subsequently, this mousepad has an advantage over its SteelSeries counterpart.

Is the ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad worth it?

A mousepad is an essential accessory for any gamer. As such, why would you want something boring and understated? Furthermore, if you own any AIMO-powered products, you’ll want to sync every item. Additionally, you want to stay ahead of your competitors with something rapid and accurate. Accordingly, the ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad delivers all of these things and much more. Therefore, you should treat yourself and buy it here!

(More information on ROCCAT can be found here!)

The ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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