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Review: Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is wonderfully old-school. However, its smooth animation, incredible level design, and intelligent Metroidvania mechanics are something to behold. Additionally, it will test your patience, skill, and staying power. As such, the further you progress, the tougher the action becomes. Yet, it is this challenging approach that makes this one of the best Metroidvania titles to be released in recent history.

This action-adventure title was developed by UBISOFT MONTPELLIER and published by UBISOFT. Moreover, it is a phenomenal 2D Metroidvania experience that tells a rich and interesting story. Alongside this, there are some beautiful combat elements and a healthy smattering of boss battles to overcome. Accordingly, this has all the right ingredients to be a modern classic!

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown utilises a glorious 2D playstyle.Prince of Persia The Lost Crown utilises a glorious 2D playstyle.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown takes a break from tradition.

Unlike its predecessors, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown moves away from a tried and tested storyline. Yes, the setting and atmosphere are familiar, but the story focuses on a new protagonist. What’s more, there is some profound lore and a tale of deceit that must be seen to be believed.

Instead of taking the role of the Prince, you control an ungodly hero called Sargon. This insanely skilled fighter is part of a badass group known as the Immortals. Each member of this team is deadly and talented, but Sargon takes things to a new level. Consequently, when a traitor kidnaps the Prince and takes them to Mount Qaf, things go south almost immediately. Unfortunately, the simple rescue mission is unnecessarily complex as the team must battle with time and the curse of the Simurgh.

Classic mechanics that are brilliantly executed.

The Metroidvania genre can drive you to distraction. Furthermore, it is easy to become lost with the constant back and forth. However, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown balances this element perfectly. Thanks to the excellent world map and the generous learning curve, you never feel out of your depth. Moreover, the incredibly challenging moments are reserved for the latter portion of the game. Subsequently, you will be comfortable with the action before you get out of your depth.

Unlocking new skills and abilities is par for the course. Yet, the blend of platforming moments and seamless combat pushes you forward on a fluid journey. Alongside this, the story is wonderfully executed and the different areas of the map are intriguing to explore. If you then consider the upgrade system and the amulets that improve your abilities, the developers keep you guessing throughout. 

Meet the Immortals.Meet the Immortals.

Parkour and combat.

The additional skills and abilities are mind-blowing and impressive. Sargon evolves to become a parkour champion who can overcome the greatest and most challenging of obstacle courses. The developers realise some segments’ toughness and allow you to skip the toughest bits if you wish. However, I’d advise against this as the sense of achievement outweighs the frustration of failure.

If the platforming/parkour moments fail to test you, you may be pushed during the endless combat encounters. The gloriously colour-coded fights push you to parry, dodge, and master an array of combos. On top of this, you are expected to unleash monstrously powerful attacks to break your opponent’s defences. This was phenomenal, as the combat could have turned into mindless hack-and-slash action. Instead, it tests your reactions, patience, and skills throughout.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is aesthetically pleasing.

Visually, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is distinctly old-school. The classic 2D Metroidvania approach has a wonderfully nostalgic edge. Yet, it is the modern polish, warm colour palette, and buttery smooth animation and combat that make this stand out. Furthermore, the excellent cinematic and the sense of magic and wonderment capture your imagination. Consequently, I found it tough to look away from this well-constructed title.

Alongside this, the audio was phenomenal. The soundtrack is unbelievably atmospheric and the sound effects are dramatic and exciting. Additionally, the acting drives the plot forward without being absurd, annoying, or OTT. However, somehow the developers have managed to capture the essence of the early titles whilst evolving the franchise. As such, this will impress newcomers and veterans alike.

The hero tries to tackle a giant beast.The hero tries to tackle a giant beast.

Unbelievably impressive controls.

The colour-coded fighting and the excellent parkour/platforming moments make Prince of Persia The Lost Crown a joy to play. Additionally, the straightforward and well-conceived tutorial ensures that you never feel out of your depth. What’s more, the ability to skip the hardest challenges without being penalised ensures that it is user-friendly and enjoyable from beginning to end.

A playthrough will take you around 20 to 25 hours. However, exploring every nook and cranny will take much, much longer. Alongside this, there are plenty of ways to upgrade the hero to change your playstyle. Consequently, this has both longevity and replay value.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown will blow you away.

I love how the developers have retained the soul and spirit of the original titles. Yet, they have evolved the gameplay well beyond my wildest dreams. Thankfully, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is everything you want from a Metroidvania game. Moreover, it’ll test your skills, reactions, and logic as you explore a bizarre, curse-filled world. Accordingly, you’d be a fool not to try this, and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you complete your mission and save the young Prince? Explore Mount Oaf, defeat every foe, and learn new skills along the way.


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