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Review: Pikmin 4 is the best outing yet from the cute but challenging discovery game

The cute little Pikmin are back in what is undoubtedly their most gorgeous game in the series to date.

And while all the hallmarks of the series are there, Pikmin 4 goes above and beyond previous iterations to give us a superb Nintendo Switch resource management title.

You are the newest recruit in the Rescue Corps and, as always seems the way with these things, your craft crash lands on a planet.

That means you’ve got to go round the uncharted place rescuing all the shipwrecked castaways.

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What a dilemma.

That sparks a fun, taxing and wonderfully presented adventure where you team up with your new pet alien doggie pal Oatchi to find plant-like Pikmin and get them to help you traverse very familiar looking spaces from your tiny height.


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