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Party Animals is a fun-filled multiplayer game that is silly to play. Thanks to the short, sharp levels and the physics-based shenanigans, you’ll fly through the action as you curse your luck while vying to be the number one player. Alternatively, you can work with others to be crowned the best team around. Either way, the action is hectic, and you are bound to scream and laugh repeatedly.

This online competitive multiplayer title was developed by Recreate Games and published by Source Technology. Moreover, it is included in the Game Pass subscription service. Accordingly, you don’t need to waste any money to try your hand at this title. Furthermore, you can convince your friends to join you as you punch, jump, and battle your way to victory.

Grab some coal and fuel the train.Grab some coal and fuel the train.
Get the train moving.

Party Animals is mindless fun.

If you’ve played Gang Beasts, you’ll be familiar with many of the mechanics on offer. However, if you are new to this genre, I’ll give you a quick insight. The gameplay loop revolves around a group of fluffy animals that must battle. The winner or winners are the individual or teams that outlast their opponents. Additionally, pretty much anything goes, as you can use weapons or your limbs to knock out your enemies or throw them into chasms. 

Your main concern is surviving for as long as possible whilst occasionally completing a minor objective to be awarded some points. Yet, though these goals are fun, the action normally devolves into a messy fistfight that is guaranteed to make you chuckle. Consequently, Party Animals has no plot and even if there was one, most people would ignore it anyway.

A duck, fox, and croc carry a safe full of cash.A duck, fox, and croc carry a safe full of cash.
Quack, quack! Get the money.

Basic content.

The gameplay focuses on 3 game modes and 20 maps. Moreover, you can create a custom lobby if you wish to set the rules. However, if you stick to the standard set-up, you will enjoy Team Score, Arcade mode, or Last Stand. The latter option asks you to work by yourself whilst eliminating every foe. Team score, on the other hand, divides 8 players into teams of 4. The winning team is the one that completes the objective. Finally, Arcade mode demands that each team must destroy their opponents.

During every match, you can select your character, customise their appearance, and show off your skills. Yet, the fundamentals rarely change as you flip and flop across each stage. Sadly, the physics-based approach generates oodles of annoying moments and this will make you scream. However, when things work, you’ll laugh as you smash a kitten or a puppy in the face with a giant mallet. 

Party Animals is nicely polished.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and the variety of stages. Additionally, though the physics-based mechanics drove me mad, the animation was impressive. Subsequently, it is much more polished than its peers. Alongside this, though I didn’t appreciate the “paywall” cosmetics, I did enjoy the depth and customisation on offer.

The audio was as loud and as insane as you’d expect. Moreover, the sound effects were obnoxious, annoying, and wonderfully annoying. Accordingly, Party Animals is brash, irritating, and unbelievably immature. Consequently, though it got on my nerves, I enjoyed it regardless.

Best try and hold on.Best try and hold on.
Hold on!

Excellent controls.

Bashing into your opponents or missing them altogether is part and parcel of the action. What’s more, running around in circles as you try to land a monster haymaker is a familiar site. Yet, the developers have done a great job with the control layout and the tutorial. Therefore, though you will become frustrated, this has a gentle and easy-to-understand learning curve.

Party Animals is a title that will divide its audience. If you want a serious and deep game that tests you, then this won’t float your boat. However, if you want some silly and maddening fun with your friends, you’ll adore every insane moment. As such, though it lacks an offline mode, it has plenty of replay value and longevity.

Party Animals gets things right.

Though Party Animals is mindless and casual, it gets things right. Its silly gameplay and colourful characters will resonate with younger gamers. The short, sharp rounds make this an ideal choice between triple-A titles. However, its in-game purchases and “paywall” gameplay will disappoint. As such, though it gets many ingredients right, I wasn’t on board with those ideas. Yet, I enjoyed playing this and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you become the king/queen of the party? Pick your animal, play it smart, and win every round.


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