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Review: Mr. Run and Jump

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Mr. Run and Jump is a speedrunner’s dream. This impossibly precise platformer will test your resolve and your patience. Moreover, it is accessible and user-friendly thanks to its Dynamic Assistance options. Accordingly, this can be as tough or as easy as you like. However, no matter how simple you make it, it will still push you all the way.

Developed by Graphite Lab and published by Atari, this is an arcade platforming title. What’s more, it is wonderfully vibrant and deceptively difficult. As such, this is one game that will suck you in, chew you up, and spit you out for good measure. Furthermore, it is distinctly old-school with its side-scrolling approach and tantalising collectables. Consequently, this is a great game for older and younger gamers alike.

Mr. Run and Jump will save the day!

No one wants their world to be destroyed. Furthermore, unruly creatures are a big no, no, whenever you want to live a peaceful life. However, this is the pain that Mr. Run and Jump must go through every day. Yet, with the help of his trusty sidekick, Leap the Dog, he will undertake a dangerous adventure and save the day.

You play the part of Mr. Run and Jump. This neon-infused hero must run, jump, and leap over obstacles on every level. Additionally, he will learn cliched tricks to climb walls and avoid his enemies. En route, he will collect Power Gems from the Realms of Color. What’s more, he will undertake multiple journeys into the void. This dangerous place wishes to devour you and wipe you from all existence. Yet, you can not let this happen. Instead, you’ll use all of your skills to outpace the void as it closes in on your position.

Classic platforming action.

This old-school arcade title relies on classic platforming action. Furthermore, it has an array of deadly enemies, traps, and obstacles that must be avoided if you wish to succeed. As you undertake each level, you are against the clock and plenty of cruel monsters. Moreover, there are Power Gem shards to collect throughout every world. On top of this, there are orbs that must be obtained from the most challenging of locations.

By running, jumping, wall sliding, wall jumping, and catapulting yourself across each level, you’ll dodge and weave past the array of spiked traps. Moreover, you may have to crouch under enemies or avoid frogs as they move from lily pad to lily pad. Either way, you will need to be pinpoint accurate if you wish to collect every orb and every shard. Both of these items are essential in the later part of the game. Accordingly, you’ll want to collect as many as possible during your first run-through.

Use your surroundings to reach every platform.
Reach those higher platforms.

A challenging speedrun title.

Mr. Run and Jump doesn’t break the mould for the speedrun genre. Furthermore, the tough gameplay pails when compared to Super Meat Boy. However, I think that it hits the sweet spot between tough and enjoyable. Yet, I couldn’t help but think that it was a challenging speedrun title. With many collectables to gather and the unbelievable accuracy required for each section, it will make you scream with rage.

Thankfully, though, the Dynamic Assistance options mix things up a bit. Additionally, if you die repeatedly, the developers allow you the ability to use a checkpoint system. Moreover, if you die further still, you are issued a “Mario-style” invincible star to romp past each obstacle. I must stress though, that this should be the last option you take as it reduces that euphoric feeling of reward over challenge.

Mr. Run and Jump looks fantastic.

Atari’s Recharged franchise is renowned for its striking style and amazing audio. Thankfully, Mr. Run and Jump maintains this breathtaking approach. Each stage is vibrant, interesting and well-designed. Moreover, your enemies and the obstacles are easy to identify. Alongside this, I loved the vivid neon hue and the varied backdrop for each world you explore.

The audio complements the visuals. The playful yet synth music is enjoyable to listen to. Moreover, it reminded me of the repetitive soundtrack from each Super Mario Bros. title. Alongside this, the sound effects are crass, in your face, and fantastic. I loved the shrill noises, especially when you linked commands together. It was enjoyable to hear the protagonist leap, roll, and glide through the air.

Exceptional controls.

A precision platformer requires tight controls. Fortunately, this one delivers that and much more. Thankfully, the inputs are accurate and responsive. Moreover, the commands are simple to understand because of the excellent, albeit straightforward tutorial.

Like its speedrunning peers, Mr. Run and Jump oozes replay value. Not only do you have every collectable to find and gather, but you have a ticking clock to beat. On top of this, you can make the game super challenging if you wish to be tested further still.

Mr. Run and Jump is a great indie title.

This is a love/hate genre that makes you scream with anger. Yet, it is this extreme emotion that makes it undeniably rewarding as well. Though failure is all but assured, I adored the brutality and the ability to make it easier if I so wished. What’s more, the excellent visuals and upbeat audio were equally good. Accordingly, I loved this new IP and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you collect the Power Gems and save the world? Leap every chasm, run past every enemy, and avoid every spike in this cruel but enjoyable indie affair.


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