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Loddlenaut - Official Launch Trailer

Loddlenaut is a cute and wholesome title that will make you smile. Moreover, this straightforward endeavour can be enjoyed casually. As such, it is perfect if you want to unwind from aggressive and fast-paced games. Alongside this, it does a wonderful job of highlighting environmental issues without being too preachy or oppressive. 

This adventure title was developed by Moon Lagoon and published by Secret Mode. Its colourful aesthetics and simple gameplay captured my attention at EGX 2023. Consequently, when it was released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Accordingly, now that I’ve played it to death, I have to say it lives up to its initial hype!

Time to recycle in Loddlenaut.
Time to recycle.

Loddlenaut is a tale of despair and hope.

Though a story about doom and despair isn’t that original, I love how the developers tackled it in Loddlenaut. Combining a fantasy setting with all-too-familiar issues will resonate with many gamers. Furthermore, the bite-sized locations and the open-world approach allow you to tackle the action however you wish.

The alien planet of GUP-14 is overrun by pollution. Consequently, this once-thriving environment is dying and disgusting. Yet there is a glimmer of hope as you have the tools to turn things around. If you can clean up the debris and gloop from every location, you’ll allow plant life and the Loddlenauts to thrive. However, this isn’t an easy task! No matter how hard you work, the pollution and grime are always one step ahead.

Straightforward and moreish action.

Where Loddlenaut excels is its easy-to-understand gameplay. The action revolves around an interstellar custodian who must harness new tools to clean up an array of debris. Armed with a plethora of special gadgets, the hero must remove plastic, metal, and glass from the ocean floor. Additionally, you must hoover microplastics and suck up oil from the seafloor. 

Each of these tasks is supported by a radar system that highlights any surrounding problems. As such, you will explore each key area whilst removing the trash and problems you encounter. If you are successful, you will ensure that the friendly aliens will thrive and breed. Though this element has no major impact on the gameplay, it was nice to see each ocean teeming with new lifeforms.

Can you help the Loddlenauts?
Ahhhhh, so cute.


The action is undeniably simple. However, the developers have incorporated some equipment upgrades to add depth to the proceedings. I loved how this improved the gameplay and made exploring the vast landscape so much easier. Whether you improved your oxygen tank, boost performance, laser power, or invested in new gear, it made a real difference.

On top of this, you use recycled materials to unlock new structures, toys, or cleaning bombs. These items are essential if you wish to keep each area cleaner for longer. Accordingly, I enjoyed the challenge of finding enough trash to invest in my character and each available structure.

Loddlenaut is pleasant to the eye.

Though Loddlenaut won’t blow you away visually, I loved what I saw. The stylish finish is vibrant and understated. Furthermore, you can adjust the filter to alter the aesthetic to your liking. This was a nice touch from the developer as it’ll increase its appeal to a larger audience. Additionally, some varied environments prevent the action from becoming tedious. This was another simple idea that was executed perfectly.

Alongside this, the audio was calm, subdued, and pleasant to listen to. The unusual sound effects and the fantasy theme complemented the mellow soundtrack. As such, though it had scope to be OTT and strange, it was wonderfully understated and that was the right approach.

You'll need a new laser to open those crates.
Open the crates and collect the contents.

Exceptionally easy to play.

I was pleasantly surprised by the easy-to-pick-up controls. Thanks to the excellent keyboard layout and responsive inputs, it was a cinch to explore the vast ocean. Alongside this, the excellent UI and simple inventory system ensure that this can be mastered in no time at all.

Though Loddlenaut is a relatively short game, there is plenty of replay value and longevity. The cleanliness of each zone deteriorates as time passes. Accordingly, you must return to prevent the plants from dying and the aliens from becoming poisoned. Furthermore, there is plenty of flotsam that must be cleaned across the vast ocean floor. Consequently, there is plenty to see and do throughout. However, I’d love to see more content added to keep people coming back for more.

Loddlenaut is a pleasant indie title.

Learning about the environment can be doom and gloom. Yet, the developers have told an educational tale without being oppressive or overbearing. Subsequently, you learn about the impacts of sea waste whilst enjoying a wholesome and cute adventure. As such, this adorable indie title is fun, pleasant, and interesting. What’s more, I loved it and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you clean the whole planet and save the day? Invest in new equipment, clean up every piece of trash, and help the aliens thrive.


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