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The JSAUX RGB backplate is the perfect tool to customise your Steam Deck. This easy-to-install accessory is vibrant, strong, and undeniably comfortable. Moreover, it has additional vents, a choice of back buttons, and a wonderful RGB light array.

The modding community is alive and kicking. As such, you see some incredible Steam Decks. Whether you want a new hard drive, thumb sticks, anti-glare screen, or personalised plates, the world is your oyster. However, many of these modifications are daunting. Consequently, your average gamer will avoid them like the plague. Yet, the JSAUX RGB backplate is a piece of cake to work with. Thankfully, there are plenty of know-how videos and plenty of wonderful guides to talk you through the process. Subsequently, if you want a stylish finish to your prized possession, I suggest you keep on reading. 

What’s in the box of the JSAUX RGB backplate?

  • The packaging is relatively understated. The compact box is adorned with imagery and relevant key selling points. Moreover, it is recyclable, and that’s a massive plus point.
  • The JSAUX RGB backplate is lightweight and easy to work with. Furthermore, every sensitive area is well protected, and this prevents unnecessary damage in transit. 
  • You are provided with 3 different profiles of back buttons. Accordingly, you can get the right fit for your play style. 
  • Tools and screws. This is a one-stop shop. As such, you don’t need to worry about providing your own tools. 
  • Silicone grips are provided that highlight the RGB lighting. 
  • A USB-C cable is suplied to charge the RGB battery.
  • The user manual is basic and could have been more descriptive. 

Technical aspects. 

The JSAUX RGB backplate is one of the easiest mods I’ve come across. Its plug-and-play approach can be tackled by any DIY enthusiast. Therefore, you needn’t be afraid of taking your Deck apart. Instead, you can confidently tackle this project with minimal effort.

The backplate has additional vents to help cool down this wonderful handheld device. Additionally, a helpful thermal paste is used to reduce temperatures further still. This excellent choice alleviates a common issue with the Steam Deck. If you play any hard-hitting title, the Deck burns up like a firework on bonfire night. However, the inclusion of extra vents and thermal paste reduces the temperatures greatly.

Alongside the helpful vents, you have a battery-powered RGB light rig. These vibrant lights add some razzmatazz to your device. Furthermore, they can be powered on and off with ease thanks to the rubberised tactile button. You can flit between red, pink, blue, green, and a rainbow effect. This was fantastic as there is a colour for every taste. What’s more, the placement of the light strips ensures that it doesn’t impact your view of the screen. Instead, it creates a wonderful hue that lights up your hands.

Putting it together. 

Now, I’m not going to do a know-how guide. Instead, I’m going to highlight how straightforward this is to work with. Thanks to the hardened plastic, this is easy to handle. Additionally, the well-labelled protective sheets are straightforward to remove and this was reassuring. 

If you don’t like the stock back buttons, you can change them within a couple of minutes. By unscrewing the internal screws, you can remove and replace the buttons. Once this is sorted, it’s time to use the rubber finger protectors. These god-awful-looking items prevent static and help to protect your electronic device. Next, you have to undo 8 screws and use the prying tool to remove the back. This was the most daunting part, but again, there was nothing to worry about. The Deck comes apart easily and patience and a methodical approach are a must. With the backplate off, you simply push the new one on, clip it into place, and screw it in. Finally, switch on your RGB and enjoy the new look. 

Build quality. 

I was impressed by the exceptional build quality of a reasonably affordable accessory. What’s more, every button feels great, and the plastic doesn’t feel cheap. Alongside this, the RGB lights are striking, bright, and great to look at. Whenever this is used against a darkened surface, the lighting pops. As such, this would look incredible in any gaming stream or whenever you are commuting to work.

The choice of 3 different back buttons was a winner. I opted for the stock version, however, I can see the attraction of the other profiles. Another element I liked was the robust RGB button and its charging port. This simple switch is hard-wearing and should last some rough and tumble.

Is the JSAUX RGB backplate worth it?

I’ve resisted all temptation to mod my Steam Deck until this point. I’ve been petrified of breaking my prized gaming toy. However, the JSAUX RGB backplate is a game-changer. I loved its style and build quality. Yet, more importantly, I adored how easy it was to install the device. Accordingly, this looks great and will stand out from the crowd. As such, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on JSAUX can be found here!)