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House Flipper 2 crashes onto the market at a crazy time of year. Consequently, this relaxing endeavour is the perfect tool to unwind after a hectic day. Moreover, it has strong foundations thanks to its much-loved predecessor. However, sadly, it doesn’t have as much content as the original. Yet, I’m sure that will change as time goes on.

This life-sim title was developed and published by Frozen District. Additionally, it has a pleasant, albeit familiar storyline that keeps you on track. As such, though there is the addition of a sandbox mode, it plays out as a mainly linear experience.

The beach shack needs some TLC.The beach shack needs some TLC.
This shack needs some TLC.

House Flipper 2 and its rundown properties. 

Starting as a rookie handyman can be unforgiving and tough. However, practically every resident in House Flipper 2 is begging for your help! Whether they need someone to clean their mess, rewire their house, knock down some walls, or wallpaper, there is always something to do. Alternatively, maybe you wish to do up a rundown house and make a humongous profit. Either way, you’ll be kept busy from beginning to end.

Alongside this, the more work you do, the better your skills become. Whether you collect more rubbish, paint larger areas, or demolish walls at lightning pace, it makes a vast difference. Subsequently, tackling the minor early-game tasks improves the endgame experience exponentially. 

Relaxing gameplay. 

House Flipper 2 is mostly a relaxing endeavour. However, the developers have incorporated a mini-game assembly option that tests your accuracy and skills. This mode isn’t entirely necessary, but it is fun and reduces costs on certain items. Accordingly, if you want the highest profit margin, then you need to tackle every assembly project. 

Another great addition is the sandbox mode. This option allows you to build a project from scratch. Moreover, you can upload it to the community to impress other virtual flippers. Though I didn’t invest much time here, I know it’ll be a massive hit. 

Clean, paint, and rebuild that wall.Clean, paint, and rebuild that wall.
This looks like a big job.

House Flipper 2 looks great. 

House Flipper 2 bucks the “okay graphics” trend of simulation titles. Instead, there is a distinct modern polish in every element. Furthermore, the assets look fantastic and this should excite the community. Alongside this, each house is interesting to explore. Subsequently, I never tired of cleaning, polishing, or painting every property.

The audio, though comfortable, rarely blew me away. The laid-back soundtrack was understated and pleasant to listen to. Furthermore, it worked with each of the realistic sound effects. Therefore, I was never overwhelmed, even when I was demolishing walls with my sledgehammer. 

You must rebuild the wall to continue.You must rebuild the wall to continue.
Rebuild that wall.

Intuitive controls. 

I haven’t played House Flipper for a long time. However, this mattered not as the controls were easy to understand. House Flipper 2 utilises a range of radial and submenus to select tools and furniture to buy. Moreover, your list of tasks is easy to follow. However, the ability to dump purchased furniture into a corner annoyed me. Subsequently, I wish the developers had been stricter with this aspect of the game.

Though it doesn’t have the large catalogue of furniture of its predecessor, I wasn’t too worried. Within time, this will evolve to outshine House Flipper. Furthermore, the detail of every asset and the mind-blowing potential make this an extremely exciting proposition. In its current build, it is great. Yet, with time, this will be an addictive and insanely huge simulation title.

House Flipper 2 is a great sequel. 

Developing a great sequel is no mean feat. However, House Flipper 2 is a success. Despite the smaller catalogue, I enjoyed everything on offer. Additionally, the inclusion of a sandbox mode was a fine choice. As such, I love it and I recommend that you buy it here! Being a handyman is never easy. Yet, with time, effort, and an eye for detail, you’ll master every skill, and make a fortune in the process.


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