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Food Truck Simulator utilises familiar gameplay mechanics. However, unlike some of its peers, it has an interesting story. Furthermore, you can play Sandbox mode for an unlimited experience. Sadly, though, it is laced with bugs and issues. As such, though it was great when it worked, it was unbelievably flawed and frustrating to play.

This simulation title was developed by Drago Entertainment and published by Ultimate Games. Furthermore, it is a solo experience on Xbox, so the developers missed an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. This was disappointing as it would have been phenomenal to play this with friends. 

Upgrade your van and its equipment.Upgrade your van and its equipment.

Food Truck Simulator tells a competitive tale. 

“Patch wars” within food retail can get messy. However, Food Truck Simulator takes this rivalry to the next level. Consequently, as the story unfolds, you must make some moralistic decisions. This interesting approach adds depth to an otherwise familiar simulation game. 

The story focuses on a lad who takes over his dad’s food truck. With little experience, he turns to a family friend for help. With her guidance, he learns to run his business. Yet, just as things are settling down, a jealous rival strikes. This incident could cause mayhem. However, the hero turns things around and works hard to expand his business. 

The truck is being driven around a busy street.The truck is being driven around a busy street.

Repetitive gameplay. 

The gameplay loop is repetitive, but there is some depth to enjoy. You must move from location to location selling a selection of fast food. Furthermore, you need to replenish stock, clean your van, and upgrade your equipment. As you impress your punters, your reputation increases and the world map unlocks.

Once you have a variety of pitches to visit, you must set your menu and cook everything to perfection. If you appease each customer, they’ll pay you handsomely. However, if you get the order wrong, it’ll damage your reputation and your bank balance. 

Driving, cooking, and planning.

You’ll spend your time driving between locations. During this time, you are free to explore the city. As you delve into back alleys and strange locations, you’ll find collectables to improve your garage or your vehicle. This was an interesting idea that forces you to search every nook and cranny. 

The customisation was simple but impressive. You can paint and customise your van. Moreover, you can buy new equipment to increase your productivity. This was essential in the latter stages, as the cooking became hectic. 

The cooking element is the core component of the gameplay loop. Here, you’ll take orders and cook them to perfection. This portion of the game requires patience and a methodical mindset. Additionally, the blend of ingredients and the large menu ensures that success is no mean feat. 

A book that contains every recipe.A book that contains every recipe.


The occasional bug is to be expected. However, Food Truck Simulator has a serious problem. Nearly every aspect of the game is laced with problems. Subsequently, the game crashes, hangs, and is unplayable for the most part. 

This is particularly annoying when you consider how much fun the action is. Yet, I spent more time reloading the game than I did cooking any food. 

Food Truck Simulator looks rough. 

This genre isn’t renowned for its beauty. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but Food Truck Simulator doesn’t buck the trend. Disappointingly, the textures are woeful, and the render distance is appallingly low. Accordingly, cars drop from the sky and buildings materialise before your eyes. What’s more, the character models look awful, and the animation is clunky and dated. 

Thankfully, the audio was much better. The upbeat soundtrack juxtaposed the repetitive gameplay. Moreover, the sound effects were realistic and suitable. However, it was a little jarring to hear invisible cars that hadn’t been rendered properly. 

Upgrading your equipment unlocks new recipes.Upgrading your equipment unlocks new recipes.

Terrible controls. 

Food Truck Simulator has been ported from PC. Consequently, the controls are bloody awful! The sensitivity is way off, and highlighting small items was a pain. Furthermore, working through each menu was mind-numbingly dreadful. Subsequently, you will scream with frustration.

Theoretically, Food Truck Simulator oozes replay value and longevity. Yet, in reality, you’ll spend more time loading it up than playing it. As such, you may wish to lose yourself in the action, but bugs and glitches prevent this from happening. 

Food Truck Simulator is a disappointment. 

I wanted to love Food Truck Simulator. Additionally, I was desperate to cover a video review for YouTube. Yet, due to the game-breaking bugs, I was unable to do either. Though this title has potential, it is far too flawed in its current state. Accordingly, I do not recommend you buy it. However, more information can be found here! Unfortunately, this is one simulation title that must be avoided.


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