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Finis is an unusual puzzle title that psychoanalyses your every move. As such, you are somewhat under the microscope as you complete an array of simple puzzles. This straightforward and often dumbed-down approach will annoy veterans of this genre. However, if you want something easy to pick up and interesting to play, then it should be right up your street.

This first-person puzzler was developed by K148 Game Studio and published by Jandusoft. Furthermore, there is some depth as there is an array of problems to solve and a sense of a semi-linear journey to complete. Yet, many of the scenarios are short and this was a little disappointing.

Signs of death surround you.Signs of death surround you.
A morbid and sombre place.

Finis is deliberately vague.

If you love to have your hand held, then Finis will not be for you. With minimal guidance and an array of cryptic clues, you are left to your own devices. However, even with limited hints, I rarely struggled to solve the problems I faced. Now, this will annoy some people, but I enjoyed the short sharp bursts of puzzling action I encountered.

The action revolves around the Luscher colour test. This is the belief that subconscious decisions will drive your thought processes and will highlight your personality traits. Well, in this case, you must pick a set colour, complete a task, and then choose a path to take. Eventually, your choices will be analysed and your personality displayed for you to admire or dismiss. Now, I’m not a massive believer, but it was interesting nonetheless. Additionally, the blend of puzzles was interesting and engaging.

The hero looks at a cold and oppressive city.The hero looks at a cold and oppressive city.
A cold and oppressive world.

Frustrating gameplay.

Though I admired the blend of problems, the puzzles were unnecessarily sloppy at times. The poor hitboxes and annoying cursor made most of the action cumbersome and frustrating. Moreover, I aimlessly spammed the action button to discover the next piece of the jigsaw. I know that this is occasionally a necessary evil, but to experience it at every stage was irritating.

This issue distracted me from an otherwise interesting prospect. Furthermore, when the elements worked well, the gameplay was intriguing, weird, and tough to put down. Unfortunately, though, these moments were few and far between and this left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Finis could do with a polish.

The strange nature of every stage left room for creative licence. However, the compact stages and rough textures didn’t wow me. Yet, each idea was perfectly serviceable, and the developers did a nice job with some surreal elements. Additionally, the first-person perspective was a great choice. My only complaint was the cursor wasn’t vibrant enough and this made it challenging to select objects.

The audio could have been spectacular. The developers should have created an atmospheric delight that took you on a journey. Instead, a reliance on odd sound effects didn’t quite work. This quiet and understated approach lacked energy and this impacted the end product. Had the team taken a leaf out of Tonguc Bodur’s playbook, then Finis would have been much improved.

The puzzle is set in an office space.The puzzle is set in an office space.
Can you solve the puzzle?

Annoying controls.

Guessing your way through a puzzle is pointless. However, Finis forces you to act this way due to its poor controls. Moreover, the inability to accurately highlight items or the controller input was disappointing. Had the team tidied this element up, the game would have been vastly improved.

Though there are 20-plus puzzles to complete, each playthrough is painfully short. Consequently, it won’t take you long to be analysed no matter which colour you select. Additionally, every puzzle has one solution. If you solve every problem, there is no reason to return. Subsequently, replay value and longevity are at an all-time low.

Finis should have been better.

If you want a casual puzzle title that doesn’t test you, then Finis is the game for you. However, if you want depth and something that pushes you at every turn, then I suggest you look elsewhere. Alongside this, many basic issues undermine the core concept. Accordingly, I don’t recommend that you buy it. However, more information can be found here! Do you wish to be psychoanalysed? Pick a colour, complete the tests, and discover your personality traits.


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