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The Faro Smart helmet from UNIT 1 is a revolutionary device! This wonderfully comfortable helmet is designed to enhance your visibility and your safety. Furthermore, it comes with the latest high-end tech to keep your head safe if you are unfortunate enough to crash. Available in 4 unique colours and 3 different sizes, the Faro Smart helmet is sure to impress. Additionally, the easy-to-understand sizing guide ensures that you purchase the right size from the off.

On top of this, this helmet is striking, stylish, and stands out from the crowd. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting system, you will be seen no matter if it’s day or night. Moreover, there are built-in turn indicators within the hidden light section if you purchase the navigation remote (more on that later). Accordingly, if you are lucky enough to purchase this amazing device, you’ll know that other road users will be aware of your every move.

Who are UNIT 1?

UNIT 1 is a start-up company that comprises designers and engineers from across the globe. This company’s aim is to build accessories that solve everyday problems. As such, they tackle some of the most testing of mobility issues and place them into some incredible tech solutions. For example, they have created a backpack and lighting system that works with their amazing U1 Faro app.

Their products focus on safety, usability, and visibility. Consequently, I wasn’t surprised by the exceptional build quality and the straightforward approach of the Faro Smart helmet. Additionally, the excellent navigation remote enhanced an already top-notch experience.

What’s in the box of the Faro Smart helmet?

  • The sturdy packaging is refined and slightly underwhelming. With basic imagery and a beige finish, it won’t catch your eye. However, it is professional and demands to be opened. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable and your helmet is protected in transit.
  • The Faro Smart helmet is everything it promises to be. Available in 4 colours, I chose “Maverick” for this review. The familiar design is combined with some incredible modern tech.
  • A charging cable with a slim USB-C connector is provided.
  • Learn the basics with the user guide.

What’s in the box of the navigation remote?

  • The compact packaging is simple but professional and it can be recycled.
  • The navigation remote is small and lightweight.
  • 2 rubberised cables are provided to connect the device to your handlebars.
  • Understand the fundamentals with the manual.

Don’t go it alone!

If you read the manual, you’ll enjoy the straightforward and easy-to-follow setup. However, if you go it alone, the Faro Smart helmet may outwit you. Accordingly, I recommend following the instructions. By installing the excellent U1 Faro app, you cannot go wrong. This device uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and the navigation remote. As such, after a short charging period, you are good to go.

Technical aspects.

A cycling helmet must be comfortable, bright, and compliant with many safety aspects. Thankfully, the Faro Smart helmet ticks these boxes and many, many more. Fully certified to CPSC and EN10 standards, you know that this device will keep your head safe if you have an accident. Furthermore, it uses the MIPS safety system to enhance your protection further. Subsequently, I chose this helmet as I wanted a device that minimised the risk to my health. Thankfully, I believe that I will be better protected from the effects of concussion and other brain injuries than if I were to use a standard non-MIPS helmet.

Another incredible safety feature is the integrated light system. The striking white front-facing LED and the vivid red rear light illuminate to create a generous hue. In addition, you can alter the lighting display and enhance the rear visibility if you use the app. Alongside the rear light bar is the ability to illuminate the hidden lights. This was a fantastic design choice that created an unusual but vibrant effect. Consequently, you will stand out from other road users and this will increase your safety.

U1 Faro app.

Making the most of the app is an essential feature of this helmet. First, it indicates the remaining battery life. This is essential, as no one likes to be caught short when on extended rides. Second, you can customise your light setup. I adored the number of options at my disposal and the features that I would have otherwise missed. Additionally, it allows you to create a power-friendly mode without compromising your visibility. Alternatively, you can go loud and proud, and it’ll highlight how long your battery will last.

Alongside this, you can adjust the navigation remote settings and the weather monitoring feature. Subsequently, if you wish, you can select that the helmet works harder for you in fog or rain. This was a great idea as it optimises your battery usage whilst enhancing your visibility during troublesome weather fronts.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the Crash Detection system. If you connect the Faro Smart helmet to your phone, and it detects that you have come to an abrupt stop, it will ask you if you are ok. You have a set time to reply to the helmet via the app. However, if you are immobilised due to an accident, the app will automatically contact an emergency contact with your GPS location. Therefore, if you were to be knocked off your bike, and no one could help, a loved one could contact the emergency services to get you the help you need.

The navigation remote for the Faro Smart helmet.

Who’d have thought that such a small device would be such a game-changer? This incredible handlebar accessory allows you to show other road users your intentions with plenty of time. Accordingly, this should reduce the likelihood of a collision as well as the frustrations between cyclists and car users.

The navigation remote links to your Faro Smart helmet via Bluetooth. As such, the connection is stable, responsive, and has a low power draw. Furthermore, you can adjust the activation time and whether the cancellation of any indication is automatic or manual. This was phenomenal, as it increases your safety without undermining any of the other lighting segments. By appearing in the hidden lighting segment, the indication panel makes clear and definitive instructions to any other road users who are behind you. Therefore, if you utilise this feature and use traditional signalling methods, your safety will be improved.

Build quality.

I adored the technical aspects of this helmet. However, the build quality impressed me more. The Faro Smart helmet is surprisingly heavy, but it isn’t uncomfortable or cumbersome. Consequently, you won’t feel weighed down, and it is perfect for short or longer rides. The excellent boa system enables you to adjust the band size to enhance your comfort. 

What’s more, the urban ventilation system prevents your head from becoming overheated. This reduces sweat during long training sessions and enables the softer materials to stay cleaner for longer. Alongside this, a strong magnetic clip replaces the traditional buckle method. This incredible design choice was easy to adjust and straightforward to use.

So, the Faro Smart helmet is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. However, surely a helmet with lights will be tough to activate and suffer in the rain? Well, no! This waterproof helmet suffers no ill effects when used in all weather conditions. Furthermore, the charging port has a rubberised bung to prevent water ingress. Consequently, you can rest assured that this can be used if you are an all-weather rider. As for the power button, it makes a delightful clicking sound whenever you use it correctly. Subsequently, you know the device is powered on and off by the sound it makes and the familiar shutting-off and activation lighting pattern.

Is the Faro Smart helmet worth it?

The Faro Smart helmet comes loaded with high-end tech. Moreover, it is stunning to look at and it is revolutionary in the way it tackles your safety. Thanks to its CPSC and EN10 certification and the MIPS safety system, you know that the potential for serious head injuries is vastly reduced. Additionally, the incredible integrated lights, navigation remote, and user-friendly app enhance your experience further. UNIT 1 has been awarded many industry awards. Consequently, my admiration for them is shared by other professionals. Accordingly, I loved both the helmet and the navigation remote and I recommend you buy it here! (use code MGAT15 at checkout to get 15% off on orders over $100)

(More information on UNIT 1 can be found here!)


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