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DESOLATIUM is a wonderful Lovecraftian-inspired experience. Furthermore, its classic approach and familiar mechanics ensure that it is easy to understand and simple to play. However, some complex moments will tax your brain whilst testing your resolve.

This point-and-click adventure was developed by Superlumen and published by SOEDESCO. Moreover, it has some eureka moments as you piece together every problem you face. Therefore, if you love this genre, and you have the patience to see the wood for the trees, it will be right up your street.

A bloody body hides under a sheet.A bloody body hides under a sheet.

DESOLATIUM tells a twisted tale. 

I adore anything Lovecraftian. The insane storylines are complemented by mind-twisting moments and absurd monsters. Additionally, developers have a mountain of creative licence at their disposal. Consequently, you are taken on a strange adventure that twists and turns throughout. 

DESOLATIUM follows 4 protagonists. Each of these characters is searching for a missing person. A cult has captured the missing individual, and here is where the madness begins. As you undertake your journey, you’ll witness some horrific and bizarre sights. Yet, it is this insane storytelling that links it to the Lovecraftian theme.

Explore the bookshop and find the hidden treasures.Explore the bookshop and find the hidden treasures.

Old-school mechanics. 

This genre has evolved. However, there is a special place in my heart for the trailblazers. As such, I was thrilled to see a fixed-screen perspective. This rigid approach forces players to examine, manipulate, and combine every usable object they encounter. Once you exhaust every possibility, you must move on by clicking open doorways or the edge of the screen.

This static gameplay forces players to examine every nook and cranny. Furthermore, there is a lot of back and forth as you desperately try to solve each puzzle. Talking of puzzles, the developers have mixed this up nicely. Subsequently, there are some genuine eureka moments and a sense of reward when you get things right. 

DESOLATIUM looks fantastic. 

Though DESOLATIUM takes a retro approach, visually, it is amazing. The attention to detail and the shocking imagery are captivating. Moreover, the first-person perspective is immersive and enhances the oppressive and creepy nature of the action. 

The audio was equally good. The minor-toned tracks are sinister and uncomfortable to listen to. Alongside this, the sound effects are interesting, and the acting is of a good standard. Accordingly, the developers have done a wonderful job. 

Get some advice by chatting to the mysterious man. Get some advice by chatting to the mysterious man.

Responsive controls. 

This genre is better with a mouse and keyboard. However, DESOLATIUM’s control setup is excellent. The responsive inputs and smooth on-screen cursor ensure that it is simple to play. 

Where this is lacking, though, is replay value and longevity. Disappointingly, there is little reason to return once you’ve completed it. However, the first playthrough is great, so it is still worthwhile.

DESOLATIUM is weird and wonderful. 

Though this won’t be for everyone, I loved its old-school approach and excellent story. Additionally, the acting was fantastic and, graphically, it was well-considered. Furthermore, the puzzles are challenging without being too unforgiving. Therefore, I enjoyed it and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you escape the cult? Explore your surroundings, solve the puzzles, and keep on running.


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