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Dead Tomb highlights the popularity of retro gaming. Moreover, this point-and-click title captures the essence of every great title in the genre. Yet, it isn’t a cheap rip-off or a poor imitation. Instead, this excellent title is filled with tricky and amusing moments.

This dated point-and-click experience was developed by CollectorVison Games/Acclaim and published by 8 Bit Legit. Moreover, it has some testing puzzles and death and failure are just around the corner. Accordingly, this wonderful nostalgia-infused game will test you throughout.

The hero looks into the darkness in Dead Tomb.The hero looks into the darkness in Dead Tomb.

Dead Tomb tells a silly tale.

I love a great sci-fi plot. However, Dead Tomb takes it to the next level! Its absurd story and unbelievable plot twists are borderline insane. Yet, it is this silly approach that is reminiscent of every great retro title. Moreover, as the gameplay unfolds, you rarely know what to expect. As such, though this isn’t the longest game I’ve played, it is captivating throughout.

You are sent on an important mission to study civilisations of the past. Yet, a malfunction in your ship forces you to land in Egypt in 1300 BC. This issue is no cause for concern until the Pharaoh’s elite guard takes matters into their own hands. Accordingly, they beat the hero and chuck him into the depths of a great pyramid. From here, he must solve puzzles and find a way to escape and repair his ship.

Familiar gameplay mechanics.

Though the story is strange and out of this world, the gameplay mechanics are familiar and comfortable. The action focuses on an array of rooms filled with mind-testing puzzles. You must use one of 12 actions to solve each predicament. Whether you select to use, throw, taste, take, open, and so forth, will ensure that you can solve each problem.

Yet, some solutions are not easy to discover and this causes head-scratching moments. Furthermore, it enforces plenty of back and forth between unlocked rooms. Additionally, if you complete a task out of order, the likely outcome is death and destruction. Consequently, you must learn the correct order of each task and solve them correctly before moving on.

The hero is trapped in a room with no exit.The hero is trapped in a room with no exit.

Brilliantly nostalgic.

Though this doesn’t break the mould, Dead Tomb is brilliantly nostalgic. The challenging puzzles and the lack of hand-holding are reminiscent of 80s gaming experiences. Additionally, the witty writing and the silly one-liners will force a wry smile.

Alongside this, the bizarre nature of each problem helps to prevent the action from becoming tedious. Therefore, though this offers nothing new to the genre, it was still fascinating and enjoyable to play.

Dead Tomb is gloriously pixelated.

I adored the bordered screen and the fixed-screen perspective. This wonderfully dated approach tugged at my heartstrings whilst filling me with nostalgic vibes. Additionally, the gloriously pixelated art style and the garish colour palette were spectacular. If you then combine this with the simple stage design and easy-to-access UI, you get a brilliantly retro experience that doesn’t disappoint.

The audio was equally good. The atmospheric soundtrack captures the oppressive nature of the story. Moreover, the sinister tones enhance the drama whilst adding energy to an otherwise slow-paced affair. Though the sound effects were basic, they worked well, without being too shrill or annoying.

Use your tools to decode the message.Use your tools to decode the message.

Simple controls.

Dead Tomb doesn’t give you much guidance. However, the simple-to-navigate UI and the on-screen prompts help to get you on your way. Additionally, the basic but responsive controls are easy to master. Consequently, though there is some trial and error, this is a simple title to master.

I was disappointed by the lack of replay value. Unfortunately, Dead Tomb isn’t the biggest game I’ve played and there is no reason to return once you’ve completed it. Moreover, if you are a completionist, you can unlock every achievement in under an hour.

Dead Tomb is short but sweet.

I’d have loved this to be a longer and more challenging experience. However, Dead Tomb is short but sweet. The excellent puzzles and fun theme will test you and make you smile. Moreover, the retro gameplay and pixelated art style will fill you with nostalgic vibes. Accordingly, I love this game and recommend buying it here! Can you get to your ship and escape? Explore your surroundings, solve every problem, and get to the top of the pyramid.


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