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Review: Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick

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Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick - Compatible with Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch - 43710

The Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick is the perfect retro peripheral. This customisable controller lets serious gamers get to work. Moreover, it creates an old-school arcade experience that is hard to beat. As such, if you love the fighting genre, then this is a must-have device.

The integrated Sanwa Denshi ball-top arcade stick looks and feels great. Additionally, the Vewlix-style button layout will transport you to your childhood. This device is versatile because of its customisable controls and multi-platform usability. Accordingly, if you own a PC or a console, this controller will work on them all.

What’s in the box of the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick?

  • The packaging is robust and wonderful to look at. Moreover, it’s recyclable, and the contents are well-packaged. 
  • The Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick is a sizeable controller. Additionally, it has a turbo button, tournament lock switch, and a quick select for the stick. 
  • A hex screwdriver is included to customise the device.
  • Connect the controller with the USB cables. 
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual. 

Technical aspects. 

The fighting genre demands pinpoint accuracy and rapid reactions. Well, thankfully, the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick delivers these elements in abundance. The oversized buttons are easy to locate and have no input lag. What’s more, flicking from normal to turbo mode is straightforward. If needed, you can click the switch, select your input, and let the controller take the strain.

Alternatively, maybe you compete at the highest level. If that’s the case, the tournament switch prevents you from making mistakes. Like the turbo switch, it is easy to find and use. Another incredible option is the customisable stick. You may change the input to mimic your D-Pad or either analogue stick. Subsequently, the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick can be adjusted to your needs. 


Where this controller excels is the customisable elements. First, a stylish and alluring art panel can be removed and replaced if you so wish. Accordingly, you can create or print your design and make the controller personal to you. I loved this, but it wasn’t the pièce de résistance. No, that is reserved for the interchangeable parts. 

If you use the supplied hex screwdriver, you can adjust the layout to your needs. Alternatively, thanks to the standard component sizing, you can mod this device to your liking. This was extremely impressive, especially when you consider the low price point.

Build quality. 

The Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick is robust and hard-wearing. The oversized buttons are wonderfully smooth, and every switch is simple to activate. Moreover, the stick has a comfortable travel distance and I experienced no dead zones. 

Thanks to the USB connection, I enjoyed a low-latency connection. Consequently, this is the perfect device if you enjoy competitive gaming. Finally, a handy storage compartment hides the cables and screwdriver when not in use. As such, this won’t mess up your workstation. 

Is the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick worth it?

Arcade fighting sticks are incredibly niche. Yet, if you love the genre, it is a must-have peripheral. Thankfully, the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick is affordable. Available for $89.99 (currently on sale), it is cheaper than its peers. What’s more, it is extremely user-friendly and I adored the custom options. Accordingly, I love this controller and recommend buying it here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

The Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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