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Review: Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor

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The Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor is practically perfect in every way. This exceptional display device from Monoprice is affordable, striking, and wonderfully versatile. Moreover, it is large enough to be used as a primary screen. Alternatively, perhaps you want a dedicated monitor for Discord or other streaming programs. Either way, this device ticks many boxes.

Thanks to its IPS panel, incredible refresh rate, and crisp colours, this is a modern monitor for next-gen machines. Additionally, it can be wall or stand-mounted and uses a mixture of HDMI and DP ports to increase usability.  As such, you’ll enjoy exceptional graphics and buttery smooth gaming, no matter which genre you love.

What’s in the box of the Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor?

  • The understated packaging doesn’t catch your eye. However, it is robust and protects the product in transit.
  • The Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor is slim, lightweight, and easy to the eye. Additionally, the simple control panel is straightforward to master.
  • Mount the monitor on your desktop with the basic but strong stand.
  • Power the device with the power cable.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

This dual voltage monitor can be used across the globe without the use of a transformer. Consequently, this enhances its appeal and reduces costs. As Monoprice is based in America, you are provided with a US power cable. Subsequently, you will need to replace this with a UK or EU monitor plug if you import this device. 

The Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and a 1.4 DP port at the rear. Accordingly, you won’t run out of options to connect to your gaming or entertainment machines. Furthermore, thanks to the port positions, you needn’t worry about messy cables or tripping hazards. Instead, you can streamline your desktop without compromising your gaming experience.

Unbelievably rapid!

Where this monitor excels is its incredible picture quality. The 165 Hz refresh rate is mind-blowingly quick. As such, if you enjoy racing games or FPS titles, you won’t miss a beat. This is then complemented by the lightning-fast 2ms (OD) response time and the IPS panel technology. These two pieces of tech combine to create a crystal clear and blur-free picture that improves your gaming experience.

Alongside this, the 2560 x 1440p Quad HD (QHD) resolution delivers exceptional picture quality. Accordingly, you enjoy every game or film exactly how the production team envisages it. Moreover, low input latency delivers seamless visual transition during cinematic and in-game footage. Therefore, you will adore every modern game and cherish revisiting every nostalgia-infused game from your past.

Using the Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor.

I loved Dark Matter’s 49″ curved gaming monitor. However, if you want something less in your face and more compact, then this 27″ alternative should appeal. Everything about this device was spectacular. First, setting it up was a cinch! Effectively, it is a plug-and-play monitor that needs minimal effort. Yet, if you love to play with settings, you can do so if you wish. Second, flitting between sources was easy to achieve. The excellent menu system enables you to select between each input with ease. Finally, the ability to desktop or wall mount the device was great. Either way, the monitor looked amazing, regardless.

In practice, the Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor was phenomenal to look at. No matter what genre I chucked at it, it delivered amazing visuals and no obvious negatives. Additionally, the up to 1.07 billion colour palette helps to create an immense visual treat that is tough to beat. As such, I loved to play eerie and sinister horrors or intense and vivid adventure titles. Moreover, the buttery smooth visuals were incredible when enjoying FPS games.

Build quality.

Handling a monitor fills me with dread! The idea that I’ll damage the screen or crack the housing sends shivers down my spine. However, Dark Matter has tackled this issue with its robust and easy-to-handle design. What’s more, it is easy to remove the rear VESA mount cover and this was reassuring. The hardened plastic and black finish emit a professional and sleek appearance. Moreover, the simple control panel is hidden from sight and this streamlines things further.

If you wish to use the desk mount, you’ll enjoy multiple viewing angles. Consequently, you will have the perfect picture, and you’ll be comfortable at the same time. Alongside this, the mount is sturdy, robust, and reassuringly balanced. As such, you needn’t worry about your monitor falling off your desktop in the middle of the night.

Is the Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor worth it?

It’s rare to find an affordable monitor that ticks many boxes. However, the Dark Matter 27″ 165 Hz gaming monitor does just that. Available for under $200, this exceptional display device will make you smile. The incredible visuals, amazing build quality, and depth of colour will amaze you. Yet, if that’s not enough, the 1-year pixel-perfect warranty will make you grin from ear to ear. As such, if you want a comfortable-sized monitor that improves your gaming experience, I recommend that you buy this one here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

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