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Cookie Cutter is a celebration of violence, gore, and unwavering love. Moreover, it moves away from the seedy, gothic, and often oppressive nature of the Metroidvania scene. Instead, it smashes you around the head with witty characters, interesting stage design, and plenty of blood and guts. As such, it’ll make you scowl, wince, and smile with joy.

This Metroidvania title was developed by Subcult Joint LTD and published by Rogue Games, Inc. Additionally, it tells an interesting story that gets under your skin immediately. What’s more, though the protagonist is a robot, she has more heart, guts, and soul than many humans. Accordingly, you will empathise with her and pray that she completes her mission.

Ka-ching....take that!Ka-ching....take that!

Cookie Cutter tells a cruel story.

I love and hate this genre in equal measure. The layers of depth, interesting twists, secrets, and replay value capture my attention. However, losing my way repeatedly and having to have the patience of a saint to progress annoy me. Consequently, it takes a lot for me to complete anything in this field. Yet, Cookie Cutter was different. Thanks to its amazing story and interesting characters, I found it an easy game to return to. Alongside this, the cruel story is tough to put down and the evolving gameplay was fascinating and perfectly balanced. 

Power and greed are a recipe for disaster. However, these ingredients combine to create an ungodly and harsh world to live in. An egomaniac leader promises a blessed utopia for the worthy. However, 200 years have passed and INFONET is built on lies. When Doctor Shinji Fallon is captured and her beloved robot Cherry is left for dead, all hell breaks loose. Thankfully, this android survives and is now hell-bent on seeking revenge and saving her one true love.

Hit first and ask questions later!

Cookie Cutter focuses heavily on fast-paced and gory combat. Furthermore, there is a wonderful upgrade system and plenty of tools at your disposal to eliminate an array of enemies. Moreover, each biome has unique creatures to overcome and there is an array of bosses to encounter and defeat. As you dive deeper into the Megastructure, you’ll need to hit first and ask questions later! Luckily, Cherry is a badass killing machine that loves a scrap.

The hero must combine quick and heavy hits to overcome each of her foes. Additionally, you must be mindful of your “Void” power as this is the key to every heavy punch or kick. Moreover, you may use this energy to heal if you are close to death. Subsequently, you must balance lighter shots that fill your void meter with heavier smacks and slaps to be successful.

Cherry rips a robot apart.Cherry rips a robot apart.
Cheery means business.

Classic genre tropes.

This title pushes the envelope with its presentation. Yet, its core gameplay centres around some classic genre tropes. In typical fashion, the hero’s progress is blocked by locked doors and out-of-reach platforms. Moreover, you will not have the required skills to complete certain tasks. As such, much of the early action is frustrating as you move back and forth trying to find enough components to upgrade your abilities.

Alongside this, there are many secrets to discover and some amusing and bizarre weapons that will make you chuckle. I also loved how traps and other environmental assets came to your rescue. Whether you wanted to crush or slice your opponent with circular blades, it never got old. Furthermore, it added some additional depth and tactical nuance to an otherwise mindless beat-em-up hybrid.

From the opening cinematic, you know you’re in for a gory treat. The wonderful sci-fi edge is grounded in a grim but often colourful environment. Additionally, the varied creatures and amazing level design keep you on your toes. What’s more, I loved the smooth animation and the lack of issues. No matter how many enemies I faced, the game never stuttered and I experienced no framerate drops.

The audio is unashamedly crass. The heavy and loud soundtrack is complemented by each crunching sound effect. As you smash your way past a mixture of enemies, you’ll adore the OTT explosions and the obnoxious Sci-Fi noises. My only complaint, however, is the lack of sound bites. Had the dialogue been voiced, the game would have been vastly improved.

Jump on your bike and mow everything down.Jump on your bike and mow everything down.
Riding a death machine.

Responsive controls.

Much of the action unfolds at an insane pace. As such, the controls had to be easy to understand and unbelievably responsive. Thankfully, a well-considered tutorial eases you into things and the excellent layout and quick inputs ensure that you can keep up with the madness.

Thanks to the evolving gameplay, you were always kept on your toes. Moreover, it was intriguing to discover new areas as you unlocked the ability to stomp, grapple, dash through the air and so forth. Furthermore, the hidden areas and other secrets will drive completionists wild. As such, this has both replay value and longevity.

Though Cookie Cutter isn’t the longest or toughest Metroidvania, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The sassy and loveable hero tugs at your heartstrings. What’s more, her badass ways and ever-changing skill set will make you smile. However, this doesn’t break the mould and that was disappointing. With plenty of scope to try something different, the developers played it safe. Yet, I still love playing it and I recommend that you buy it here! Can you overcome the odds to save your beloved? Explore, fight, and keep going until you achieve your goal.


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