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Review: Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses

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The Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses from a GUNNAR are incredible! Released in their epic range of eyewear, these glasses look great and feel even better. Moreover, they offer health benefits that’ll impress gamers and office workers.

Alongside this, the Call of Duty theme is eye-catching. Though it was specifically designed for MWII, this shouldn’t put you off. Every pair of glasses in this range looks fantastic, and I found it difficult to choose between the designs. However, what makes this product stand out is the metal frame and the attention to detail.

What’s in the box of the Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses?

  • The outer sleeve piques your interest. Furthermore, the packaging is robust and can be recycled. 
  • The Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses are lightweight. Moreover, the flexible hinges and low-bridge fit ensure that they are comfortable.
  • A sturdy and alluring glasses case is provided. 
  • Keep the lenses clean with the themed microfiber cloth. 

Technical aspects. 

Using a computer for hours is tough on your mind and body. Blue light causes fatigue, eyestrain, and dry eyes. Accordingly, this impacts productivity, well-being, and alertness. However, the Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses eliminate these issues. 

The 65% blue light and 100% UV light protection are a godsend. Additionally, GUNNAR’s patented lens technology helps to keep your eyes moist. Consequently, you’ll reduce stress headaches, itchy eyes, and the usual side effects of marathon gaming sessions. Furthermore, they eliminate the uncomfortable glare of stark contrasting images. As such, you’ll be at the top of your game for longer.

Build quality. 

GUNNAR’s products always impress me. I have no complaints whether it is the Loki edition frames or the Enigma Black Panther. Yet, the Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses are amazing! I adore the sleek metal frame and the gorgeous paintwork. Moreover, the MWII logo is stunning.

On top of this, the excellent flexible hinges and low-bridge fit frame ensure that they are comfortable no matter your head shape or size. As such, if you invest, you needn’t worry about unnecessary pressure on your temples, nose, or behind your ears.

Finally, if you wear – 5 to +5 prescription lenses, then you are in luck. The yellow-tinted lenses can incorporate your prescription. Subsequently, you needn’t compromise between clear vision and the obvious health benefits. 

Are the Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses worth it?

Maintaining your eye health and productivity is a difficult balancing act. Yet, these glasses make things easier. Not only do they look fantastic, but they help to give you a match-winning edge as well. Accordingly, it’s a no-brainer and I recommend that you buy them here!

(More information on GUNNAR can be found here!)

The Call of Duty Covert Edition glasses have been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.


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