Relaunch your Chrome browser now – Google issues another urgent alert

If Google Chrome is your favoured web browser then it’s vital you restart this software and check your devices are running the very latest version. That’s the latest from Google after the US technology giant confirmed the discovery of a worrying new bug that could leave users open to attack from hackers. What makes this alert more concerning is that the flaw has been given the dreaded “zero-day” rating. 

For those not up to speed with the latest tech jargon, zero-day threats are the most urgent to be fixed as they have already been spotted by cyber crooks and are being actively used in the wild. That’s why Google has rushed so quickly to fix this new bug.

Explaining more, Google said: “This update includes 1 security fix (CVE-2024-5274). Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2024-5274 exists in the wild. We would also like to thank all security researchers that worked with us during the development cycle to prevent security bugs from ever reaching the stable channel.”

To check you are running the latest version of Chrome simply head to Chrome in the tool bar then tap About Chrome. If you have version 25.0.6422.112/.113 for Windows, Mac or 125.0.6422.112 for Linux then you are safe. If your browser is showing an older version, update it and relaunch this software without delay.

Another reason to update things is this isn’t the first alert issued this month. In fact, three major updates have been released during May which all fix zero-day threats.

As soon as the new software is installed, hackers will no longer be able to take advantage but if you don’t keep things up to date your PC could be at risk.

As well as mending those gremlins there is one final reason to restart Chrome. Google recently confirmed that it has fixed an annoying error that left some users seeing their content suddenly disappear when switching between browser tabs.

Ever since users started complaining about the problems Google has been working on a fix with an update now rolling out across the world.

Google says the error has been solved on the server-side of Chrome which means it’s not the actual software installed on PCs that is the problem. However, the US technology giant has said that, “restarting Chrome Browser may help apply the update more quickly”.


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