Razor Launches a Faster Electric Bike for Adults – Review Geek

A different type of nostalgia.

Razor rambler 20 ebike in a park

Razor, which makes those ankle-smashing scooters we’re all familiar with, also makes several ebike models. Joining the smaller Razor Rambler 16 and the brand’s cargo ebike is a brand new moped-style Rambler 20 electric bike for adults.

As you can see, the new Razor Rambler 20 is a moped-style electric bike similar to a Super 73, but it’s far more affordable and only costs $999. This is the largest ebike from Razor yet, and faster than the others in the lineup, meaning it’s for grown-up fun.

Razor electric bike lineup.

So, what does the new Razor Rambler 20 electric bike have to offer? The aluminum frame has built-in headlights, a tail light, and a soft bench-style seat, all riding on a pair of fat tires.

The Rambler 20 is a Class 2 ebike, meaning it has a throttle and pedals, and reaches top speeds of around 20 mph. The 500W rear hub motor isn’t the most powerful we’ve seen, nor is it the smallest, but for the price, it’ll be a zippy and fun little bike to ride.

Razor’s launch video details the 5-level pedal-assist system, an LCD display, front and rear mechanical disc brakes, and a comfortable upright riding position. It says the Rambler 20 gets around 16 miles on a charge. That range is a bit lower than some on the market with its 36V battery, but again, this is only $999.

If you want to feel like a kid again or get a fun electric bike that matches the styling of your kids or teens, the new Razor Rambler 20 is the perfect addition. It’s available now from Best Buy or Razor’s online store.


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