Artificial Intelligence

Q&A: Using artificial intelligence at Vanderbilt Law School | Legal

Cat Moon

Cat Moon

The Vanderbilt University Law School announced in early November that it would establish the Vanderbilt AI Law Lab, which focuses not on laws around artificial intelligence, but instead on how to use it to best deliver legal services. Housed within Vanderbilt Law’s Program on Law and Innovation, students will engage AI-related projects and educators will continue to evolve AI-focused curriculum. 

Cat Moon, co-director and co-founder of VAILL, spoke with the Post about the program. 

What is the purpose of VAILL? 

How do ethics around artificial intelligence come into play?  

Descriptions for the lab use the term “human-centered.” What does that mean in this context? 

If you had to boil down the Vanderbilt AI Legal Lab into one or two big questions, what would they be? 


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