Pokémon Concierge’s first trailer has perfect stats

Set on a tropical island where pokémon travel for some much-needed downtime, Pokémon Concierge tells the story of Haru (​​Karen Fukuhara), a young woman working at resort that caters to the specific desires of its many pokémon guests. As new hires, there’s a lot about tending to the needs of battle-hardened pokémon that Haru and her partner Psyduck have to learn. But as tricky as it can be figuring out what pokémon want, the trailer makes it seem as if Haru’s biggest challenge might be figuring out how to get along with co-workers Alisa (Imani Hakim) and Tyler (Josh Keaton).

The trailer also shows off quite a few of the various monsters set to appear in Pokémon Concierge and makes clear that the show’s vibes are going to be as immaculate as its art direction is adorable. What really jumps out, though, is how we’re all probably going to have Pokémon Concierge’s theme song, “Have a Good Time Here” by Mariya Takeuchi, stuck in our heads when the show hits Netflix on December 28th.


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