People in council tax band A to E homes can get £400 off energy bills | Personal Finance | Finance

Under a new scheme, individuals in council tax bands A to E could see a reduction of £400 on their energy bills this year.

The initiative, which was launched last year, aims to assist approximately 300,000 homes across the nation in reducing their heating costs and saving on energy bills this winter.

The government has stated that under the Great British Insulation Scheme, support may be available if your home has an energy performance certificate (EPC) of D to G or is in council tax bands A-D in England or A-E in Scotland or Wales.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or tenant (renting privately or from a housing association), you could be eligible.

Tenants are advised to consult with their landlords before applying, as their permission will be required prior to the installation of any insulation.

The scheme operates by requiring energy suppliers to assist customers in lowering their heating bills through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, such as loft and cavity wall insulation.

Depending on the proposed measure and any property issues, the cost of these measures may be partially or fully subsidised.

The GB Insulation Scheme has set the following objectives based on the modelled, expected outcomes for the scheme: Over 300,000 households supported with energy efficiency measures between 2023 and 2026 and households supported through the scheme have energy bills lower than they otherwise would have been, with an average bill saving of £300-400 per year, reports Birmingham Live.

The accuracy of key modelling assumptions is also being prioritised, as these will be considered in the monitoring and evaluation of the GB Insulation Scheme.

A scheme may successfully deliver measures to households but fail to meet set objectives if an inaccurate assumption is used, such as an incorrect estimation of energy savings from installing a measure.

The government anticipates that over 100,000 homes will be upgraded to at least an energy efficiency rating of Band C, aiding the government in meeting its statutory fuel poverty target.


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