OutSystems unveils no-code AI Agent Builder

Low-code development platform provider OutSystems has released AI Agent Builder, a no-code tool for building custom generative AI agents using large language models (LLMs) from Azure OpenAI or Amazon Bedrock.

Part of the OutSystems Developer Cloud Platform and announced March 12, AI Agent Builder is intended to make it easy to incorporate generative AI-powered applications into a digital transformation strategy and govern the use of AI for standardization and security, the company said.

Key features of AI Agent Builder include custom AI agent development, a library of “quickstart” generative AI apps and templates, AI agents powered by retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and built-in guardrails to control access and performance monitoring. Users can choose foundation models from Azure OpenAI or Amazon Bedrock, integrate them with knowledge sources, and input natural language instructions for use inside applications. Users build agents in just a few simple steps without any coding, OutSystems said.

OutSystems said AI Agent Builder is part of the company’s three-pronged AI strategy, which includes using generative AI to accelerate iterative application development, applying generative AI throughout the development lifecycle to improve security, performance, and agility, and building generative AI-powered applications to accelerate transformation.

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