Oracle’s GraalVM backs Java 22

Oracle has released GraalVM for JDK 22, an update to the Java runtime with ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation that brings support for Java 22 features.

Released on the same day as Java 22, which was published March 19, GraalVM for JDK 22 can be downloaded from the project website. Most features of JDK 22 are available for Graal JIT compilation and Native Image AOT compilation. Java 22 features supported in both Graal JIT and Native Image include string templates, the class-file API, unnamed variables and patterns, structured concurrency, and scoped values.

GraalVM binaries are smaller, start faster, provide peak performance with no warmup, and use less memory and CPU than applications running on the JVM. GraalVM Native Image compiles Java applications ahead of time into standalone binaries. And in addition to supporting Java, GraalVM provides runtimes for languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Ruby.

With the new release of GraalVM, the Graal module has been renamed from jdk.internal.vm.compiler to jdk.graal.compiler. Also, compiler packages have been moved into the jdk.graal.compiler namespace. This renaming was done in preparation for Project Galahad and to establish the namespace jdk.graal for Graal subprojects, according to release notes.

The goal of Project Galahad is to contribute GraalVM-related technologies to the OpenJDK community and prepare them for possible incubation in a JDK mainline release.

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