Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI engineers can earn up to $800K per year — among the highest rates in the industry

OpenAI engineering staff are among the best paid in the industry, according to an investigation by Bloomberg. Data suggests that a talented recruit at the ChatGPT firm can expect salary plus bonuses and stock awards to be worth about $800,000 per year. We looked at earlier Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer salary data, and the recent report seems to confirm that OpenAI is the biggest payer in AI, with new engineers and researchers netting up to twice as much as they could from working at Nvidia, for example.

AI is more than just an IT industry buzzword in 2023, and the year might be remembered as one where the foundations of generative AI as we know it were laid. Companies with their fingers in AI pies have been great earners for investors this year, and this good fortune appears to trickle down to their employees – with pay rates for those employed for their AI expertise rocketing.


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