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NWA Powerrr recap: Stevens claims artificial intelligence controversy in Turkey Gobbler match

Let’s check in with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Episode 134 of NWA Powerrr featured controversy in a Turkey Gobbler match, 58-year old Tim Storm declaring his intention to return full-time to wrestling, the Spectaculars revealing their new partner, and more.

The show opened with a Turkey Gobbler match between Aron Stevens and CJ (Christi Jaynes). Stevens issued the challenge after CJ retaliated with a low blow. Since Stevens is a gentleman, he would not strike a woman. That meant grappling rules were in effect for the contest. The loser would be forced to wear a turkey hat and gobble gobble. If this gimmick sounds familiar, think of a lower version of TNA’s turkey suit matches.

Stevens started on the mat in a amateur wrestling stance. CJ was confused and kicked him in the butt. When Stevens went for a wristlock, she screamed in pain. Stevens felt guilty, however, CJ had no such qualms in using a wristlock on him. CJ made Stevens look the fool. After outside interference from Magic Inc. and the Carnies, CJ trapped Stevens in an STF for the tap.

Stevens was held by Magic Inc. and forced to honor his word to gobble like a turkey.

The controversy comes in after the broadcast when Stevens posted a message on social media claiming what we saw was fake footage created by artificial intelligence. Stevens accused the NWA of a conspiracy to go after him.

For the main event, the Spectaculars revealed their new partner. Former WWE pirate Paul Burchill was a strong candidate, however, they selected the scrawny Tyler Midas. Rolando Freeman, Rush Freeman, and Midas competed against the Southern Six trio of Kerry Morton, Alex Taylor, and “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason. The newcomer had the dance moves down, but that was about it. He was obliterated on a crushing lariat by Thrillbilly.

It didn’t get any better for Midas. The Southern Six isolated him as the weakest link. They hit Midas so hard that his bow tie fell off. Kerry blasted Rolando with a knee strike, and Silas destroyed Rush on the Thrillride swinging side slam. Silas delivered a big boot to kick-start Taylor’s fireman’s carry slam on Midas to win.

In other action, Kylie Paige triumphed over Big Mama. Kylie was outweighed by over 100 pounds, but she had no fear. Kylie was feisty on offense. Big Mama gained control by swinging Kylie on a waistlock. Kylie used her wits to prevail by ducking away from a corner attack. Big Mama collided into the ring post, and Kylie scored a roll-up to win. The contest was the most interesting one on the show. There was the classic little versus big style, and Kylie was impressive as a growing performer.

Adrian Thomas & Hunter James defeated Alexander Lev & Jackson Drake. This was a bout of four singles wrestlers who have never tagged with their partner before. Teamwork saved the day when Thomas protected James from a double-team suplex to clear the way for James to win via brainbuster.

On the promo tip, Tim Storm announced that he is returning to the ring full-time. The former NWA world champion had been semi-retired doing work on commentary. Storm decided to embrace what time he has left in competition. He reached out to Jax Dane to form a tag team. Storm has NWA tag team champions Blunt Force Trauma in his sights.

The last note is a curious case of training footage. Samantha Starr blindsided a wrestler named Chelsea. Starr wailed punches down to pummel the trainee. Commentary wondered if Starr went too far. It feels like seeds for a heel turn. Her actions were pretty inexplicable for a babyface.

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