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An NS&I customer has voiced their frustration at the group’s phoneline service after they made seven calls but were cut off each time.

The saver got in touch with the provider over X to say: “Are you aware that when people are calling today, they are just being cut off? I’ve made seven calls and not managed to speak to anyone yet.”

NS&I apologised for the issue and asked if they were calling from the UK and overseas, adding that calls from the Isle of Man and the Jersey Channel Islands count as overseas.

The individual said they were calling from the UK and fumed that “the website isn’t helping and every call is being cut off”.

The provider said they had checked the telephone lines and they were working as normal, and then asked where exactly in the UK the person was calling from.

The customer replied: “Kent – every time I call it says it will put me through to someone. Line goes quiet for about three minutes then I’m cut off. Tried phoning using different devices too.”

In a final reply, NS&I advised them to try calling the group’s other number +44 1772 329880. They added: “This is overseas number but it will connect you to the same department.”

Another unhappy customer NS&I over X after they won Premium Bonds prizes in the November and January draws but their winnings had not arrived in their bank account.

They said: “No money has been put in my account and I have not received any cheques. I have recently moved and I’m not sure what address is on my account.”

contacted the provider to clarify how a customer changing their address could cause an issue with their winnings not arriving.

The group said: “In most cases, people don’t receive their Premium Bonds winnings because their details aren’t up to date.

“Winners of Premium Bonds prizes are notified when they win, but sometimes customers relocate or update their contact information without informing NS&I.

“This can result in unclaimed prizes, particularly if they’ve chosen to receive their prizes by cheque. The quickest way for customers to receive their prizes is to have them paid automatically into their bank or reinvested into more Premium Bonds.”

The group also said over 90 percent of prizes are paid this way as it’s faster and more secure than getting a cheque sent out.

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