Noise cancellation is coming to voice recordings on Google Messages

To reduce background noise in Google Messages voice recordings, Google is adding a new noise cancellation feature. In a post written by code tipster AssembleDebug on TheSpAndroid site, it appears that Google is prepping a feature that will allow Google Messages users to enable noise cancellation when creating a voice recording. Pressing on the noise cancellation button when making a recording makes it easier for the person receiving a voice message to understand exactly what is being said.
Imagine trying to record an audible voice message while walking on the streets of Manhattan. Between the car horns, the police sirens, and the sidewalk salesmen, any video you record is going to be lousy with background noise. Noise cancellation is exactly what is needed to clean up the distracting noises in the background and leave only your voice clear and easily understandable by the recipient of the message.
Noise cancellation is available on the latest beta version of the Google Messages app which is beta version 20231113_01_RC00. To see which version of Google Messages you have, go to Settings > Apps; find and tap on Messages and scroll to the very bottom. There you will see the volume number of the Messages app you are currently running on your Android phone.

AssembleDebug was able to try the new noise cancellation feature in the latest Google Messages beta and said that it “greatly reduces the background noise.” The button to activate noise cancellation is found in the voice recording dialog box and it can be turned on before voice recording, or while a voice recording is in progress. If you’ve ever sent an audio message via Google Messages and the recipient couldn’t understand what you were saying due to the ambient noise in the background, this feature will prevent this from happening again.

If for some reason you don’t have the Google Messages app on your Android phone, you can find it by looking for it by its correct name, the “Messages by Google” app, in the Play Store. We can save you some time by giving you a shortcut to the app; simply tap on this link.


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