New Toyota C-HR to be unveiled 26 June

Toyota has given us our first official teaser of the new Toyota C-HR, with the popular crossover apparently retaining the angular and eye-catching design of the original model. 

We’ve already got a good idea as to how the second-generation C-HR will look, thanks to a series of spy imagery but also the C-HR Prologue model which was revealed in late 2022. The new teaser also reveals that the C-HR will make its full debut on 26 June 2023. 

In Toyota’s words “the premiere event will reveal a sophisticated, compact SUV with edgy design and advanced technologies”. Although the shadowy image doesn’t reveal much, we can see the production car will take on a new rear light bar, different to the one on the Prologue concept, made up of three bars with ‘Toyota C-HR’ illuminated in the middle. 

The new car has also been spotted testing on the Nurburgring, giving away plenty of its design details in the process. Underneath the prototype test car’s light camouflage, we could clearly see the design has not strayed far from the Prologue concept, revealing the same compact yet aggressive proportions. The front-end design will retain its c-shaped LED headlights and large lower grille, offset by the shallow windows and what will likely be a contrasting colour roof and rear section on high-spec models as already seen on the new Aygo X.

The previous C-HR now features flush door handles, with the high-mounted rear handles of the original now placed at a more accessible height. The rear light bar will stretch across the more three-dimensional bootlid, with less aggressive contoured rear winglets replacing the previous aerofoil-like spoiler. This has been done for the benefit of reducing drag, which yields gains in efficiency and refinement. Like before, there’s no rear wiper fitted.

Inside, the cabin will be totally revised, albeit with a more restrained take on the Prologue concept’s minimalist aesthetic. So expect an emphasis on higher quality materials, and an uplift in integrated tech. This will be paired to a more open feel compared to the somewhat more claustrophobic interior of the current model. 

Toyota has already confirmed that the Mk2 C-HR will be offered as a plug-in hybrid for the first time, launching alongside its more traditional parallel hybrid system. In not offering the latest Prius in the UK, it’s expected most private buyers will divert towards this new C-HR, with those wanting a more practical offering still having the more mainstream Corolla or Yaris Cross to fall back on.

Sales of the new C-HR are expected to commence later in the year. If Toyota can keep up with production, the new C-HR will likely be another sales hit as the brand continues to expand its identity beyond just offering sensible, efficient and reliable cars, and selling models with real desirability. That’s something the first C-HR did with great success, and there’s no reason to think the Mk2 will be any different.

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