New iPhone 15 ad puts the spotlight on the cool “Check In” feature

One of the coolest new features of iOS 17 is “Check In” which alerts your parents or friends when you arrive at a pre-selected destination. Back in September, we explained how you can set up the feature which was created to bring peace of mind to those who have a loved one traveling and are worried about them arriving at their destination safely. And now Apple is promoting “Check In” with the latest ad for the iPhone 15. The ad is called, “Check In/New Driver.”
With the song “Goodbye” by Aloe Blacc playing in the background, we see a father nervously watching his daughter who most likely just received her driver’s license. Driving in reverse to get out of a long driveway, the teen driver runs over a skateboard and slams into a trash can leaving some of its content strewn throughout the road. The father has an extremely worried look on his face, concerned about whether his daughter is capable of driving safely to her destination which is her school.

Video Thumbnail

Suddenly, the father’s iPhone dings and he rushes to grab the device. Looking down at the screen, he sees a notification that reads, “Megan. Check In: Arrived at school.” The father finally exhales knowing that his daughter drove to her classes and arrived safely. The taglines read: “Check in automatically. Relax, it’s iPhone.”

This is a great feature for nervous parents, friends, and other family members. When we explained how to use the feature nearly four months ago, we showed how it could be set up for a drive to Boston’s iconic Fenway Park. The entire process starts in the Messages app and can be set up for those traveling by car, using mass transit, or walking to their destination. Once it is set up, “Check In” will automatically send a notification to the family and friends that you choose when you’ve reached the end of your journey.

The 30-second ad will probably run during this weekend’s NFL playoff contests, NBA and college hoops, and top-rated television shows.


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