New high tech security area opening at Denver International Airport next month

On Wednesday, Denver International Airport gave a tour of their newest completed project, the West Security Checkpoint.

“TSA worked very closely with the airport design team to make sure that this environment could result in the most efficient screening experience for travelers,” said TSA Spokeswoman Lorie Dankers,


The checkpoint has seventeen lanes and is full of new technology that is meant to streamline the security process.

The first thing passengers will notice is they don’t have to pull out their ID. If they have a boarding pass they can get a facial recognition scan and be on their way. If they do need to present an ID, they can scan their Colorado Digital ID on their phone. Next, they will load their bags into the typical TSA bins which replenish themselves. 

Passengers also won’t have to take out electronics larger than a cellphone because the security area contains CT scanners like you see in doctors’ offices which can take a 3D image of what’s inside a bag.

The images are looked at in another part of the airport and if a bag needs to be searched it is separated from the rest. If the scan detects something dangerous it gets sequestered in the “penalty box” for safety.

The new setup also makes it possible to bring medically required liquids through TSA thanks to a scanning machine that can detect explosives in liquids.


“For our officers, no matter where they work in the checkpoint, they’re going to have the same type of equipment. For travelers who come through here regularly, no matter what lane they go through they’re going to get used to this process, and all of that helps make the entire operation more efficient,” said TSA Spokeswoman Lorie Dankers.


The airport and TSA hope this new high-tech checkpoint will keep lines flowing freely and help people make their flights on time.

“Right now our normal checkpoints do a standard of screening passengers at about 130 to 150 people per lane per hour. We anticipate seeing numbers closer to 180 on day one with this equipment and with the opportunity as efficiencies are built for that to grow up to over 200 people per lane per hour,” said Aubrey Roth a Senior Manager with DEN Terminal Operations.

The West Security Checkpoint will open on Feb. 6 and the North Security Checkpoint on Level 5 will permanently close. A similar checkpoint on the East side of the airport will open in late 2025.

In the meantime, the airport currently has three checkpoints open for regular air travelers in the terminal: North and South on Level 5 and the Bridge Security Checkpoint on Level 6.  


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