Netlify AI analyzes failed deployments

Web development platform provider Netlify has added AI-enabled deploy assist capabilities to its Composable Web Platform.

Unveiled March 7, AI-enabled deploy assist analyzes failed deployments and offers suggestions to correct errors. Netlify said the feature is intended to reduce the time developers spend manually reviewing logs and debugging failed builds, ensuring failed builds do not become bottlenecks and improving the developer experience.

Netlify CTO Dana Lawson explained how the company’s AI addresses issues across toolsets. “When building composable architectures, teams are pulling in tools, content, and integrations that suit them best. When issues happen, it’s not always clear what part of your composable architecture is having issues. It could be code, configuration, etc,” Lawson said.

“The AI here is able to help solve issues across your chosen toolsets,” Lawson said. “It can do a lot at solving these issues but will only get better as we expand its knowledge of concepts and tools within composable architecture.”

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