My neighbour hogs our shared parking space and I’ve used it once in eight months – what can I do?

A FRUSTRATED motorist has taken to social media to rant about their neighbour.

The problem is over a shared parking space which the motorist says their neighbour is hogging.

A motorist is fuming because their neighbour is always using their shared parking space


A motorist is fuming because their neighbour is always using their shared parking spaceCredit: Getty

Reddit user @u/ToothOver9567 decided to publish a post to ask for help.

The motorist’s post reads: ‘Neighbour has hogged the garage for seven months.’

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The motorist explained: “So we are the only two people in this apartment (it’s a duplex) and there’s a one-car garage that we both pay for.

“It’s first come, first serve. It’s up a very narrow and steep driveway that turns a corner, so you can’t really tell if anyone is already in it until you drive up.

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“In nearly eight months, I’ve used it once (when she was out of town).”

The motorists reveals the neighbour works from home and rarely leaves the house.

They continued: “He moved her car back into the garage. I guess I figured, maybe she didn’t realise I have a car, and if she sees that I ‘gave up’ the garage after a week, she might do that same.

“Her car has been back in the garage for a month since that happened.”

Most Reddit users are on the motorist’s side in the comments.

One said: “Tell your neighbour if she plans on using the garage all the time; she needs to pay your half of the garage as well.”

Another said: “Talk to the landlord and tell him that you are no longer going to pay for a garage that you never get a chance to use.

“Plain and simple. He shouldn’t be charging both of you for the garage when it fits only one car.”

A third one simply suggested: “Park behind her.”