MuleSoft unveils policy development kit for API gateway

Salesforce-owned MuleSoft has released the Anypoint Flex Gateway Policy Development Kit (PDK). The PDK allows developers of every skill level to quickly build policies to detect and protect sensitive data sent to APIs, the company said.

Now a feature of Anypoint Flex Gateway, the PDK streamlines the creation of custom API security policies to help developers protect APIs that drive business applications. Anypoint Flex Gateway is a distributed API gateway that is built to protect APIs anywhere they have been deployed.

The PDK enables faster delivery of API protection by automating steps usually handled by developers manually, MuleSoft said. The PDK includes the capability to test and debug policies locally during development, both out-of-the-box policies and custom policies, from a centralized control panel. Flexible security policies also can be developed to detect and protect sensitive data sent to AI models using APIs.

IT leaders have found that 33% of their revenue now comes from API and API-related offerings, according to a Mulesoft report. However, while APIs generate revenues through access fees, usage-based pricing, premium features, and ecosystem growth, API cyberattacks are on the rise. By integrating with devops and CI/CD workflows, Anypoint Flex Gateway offers performance required for demanding applications while providing security and manageability, MuleSoft said.

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