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Movano Evie Ring review: is this smart ring for women worth it?

Movano Evie Ring in gold worn on index finger.

Movano Evie Ring

MSRP $269.00

“The Evie Ring has a gorgeous design unlike any other smart ring, but other issues drag it down.”


  • Open-ended design is comfortable
  • Three beautiful finishes
  • Protective and portable charging case
  • No subscription fee


  • Inaccurate sleep data
  • Poor workout tracking
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple Health
  • App is very basic and barebones
  • Only works with iPhones
  • Currently out of stock

The market of wearable health tech is constantly evolving. It started with fitness trackers and smartwatches on the wrist, but the most recent boon has been on the finger with smart rings. Movano’s Evie Ring is one of the latest to hit the market, and it’s one that’s geared towards women’s health.

I’m no stranger to smart rings — I’ve been wearing an Oura Ring for several years. I’ve been curious about Movano’s women-focused smart ring since I first heard about it a few years ago, but it didn’t launch until this year.

So, was the Movano Evie Ring worth the wait?

The Movano Evie Ring has a unique design

Movano Evie Ring in gold held with two fingers.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The Evie Ring is a simple round ring, similar to Oura’s Horizon style, but with a distinctive opening at the top of the band, with one end pointed like a rooftop. It’s a big differentiating factor that makes Evie Ring stand out from most other smart rings we’ve tried.

There’s a good reason for the unique open-ended design. Fingers can change sizes throughout the day, and for women specifically, this can occur more often due to hormones and menstrual cycles. The Evie Ring’s open band can accommodate the natural changes in sizing that our fingers go through daily. This helps with a comfortable fit and also gives you some leeway if your fingers end up a little more swollen on some days than normal (it happens).

Oura Ring (left) and Movano Evie Ring
Oura Ring (left) and Movano Evie Ring Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I found the Evie Ring to be similar in width to the Oura Ring I wear, though the band itself is a little thinner, which makes it a little harder to conceal the sensors from a side view. It’s also important to make sure that the open part of the ring is at the top because, otherwise, it can snag on things you hold or pinch your finger between the gap, which is annoying.

The open-ended design can accommodate natural finger sizing changes that we go through every day.

Movano uses Liquidmetal, a zirconium-based amorphous alloy with a scratch-resistant titanium PVD coating. It comes in three finishes: silver, gold, and rose gold. All of the colors have a shiny finish, so it will show fingerprints and smudges, but those are easily wiped away. After wearing my Evie Ring for a few weeks, I haven’t noticed many scratches on the surface.

Movano Evie Ring in gold worn on the middle finger next to a rose gold Oura Ring on index finger.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Overall, the Evie Ring’s design is unique and comfortable in most conditions—just don’t have the opening at the bottom of your finger, as that can be quite annoying.

Like other smart rings, the Evie Ring only comes in whole sizes, from size 5 to size 12. If you’re unsure of your ring size, you can get a free sizing kit with your purchase to determine it first.

What does the Evie Ring do?

Close up of Movano Evie Ring in gold showing the sensors inside the band.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The Evie Ring has the sensors you’d expect from a wearable these days. That means it can track your heart rate, step count, workouts, sleep, skin temperature, respiration, and blood oxygen — all of the basics you should get in a smart ring in 2024.

This is tracked automatically, so you simply put the ring on and forget about it. The Evie Ring collects data as the day goes on, and all that information gets synced into the companion app.

Since this is a smart ring, there’s no way to manually start a workout on it like you would with a smartwatch. If you want to do something like that or do a spot check (which checks your BPM and SpO2), you’ll have to use the app on your phone.

A very simple (and limited) app experience

The Movano Evie Ring app showing the main screen.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

To pair the Evie Ring and start syncing your collected data, you need an account, which is free to set up. Unlike Oura, there is no subscription fee to use the Evie Ring. However, the Evie Ring app is only available on iOS at the moment, which is a big drawback. If you have an Android phone, you’ll need to sit this one out.

When you first set up the Evie Ring app by logging in and pairing your ring, you’ll be asked to input your information and then set up three goals you want to track. I chose steps, sleep, and active minutes each week. These will be the first things I see in the app each time I open it up. At the top is a circle featuring day and night halves, along with rings that show your daily progress for calories, steps, active minutes, journal logs, and sleep.

The Movano Evie Ring app showing step count.
Christine Romero-Chan. / Digital Trends

You can tap on any metric to drill down into more specific detail. For sleep tracking, the Evie Ring also shows you when you’re awake or in REM, light, or deep sleep. Each metric will also indicate how today’s progress compares to yesterday, and you can see your weekly goal progress on the Today tab. Data is presented in easy-to-read graphs.

Since the Evie Ring is tailored more for women, it also includes menstrual cycle tracking, though I haven’t used this feature since I’m irregular. You can log your period and even your mood and symptoms to keep track of how you’re feeling overall.

Logging a workout is definitely not the app’s strong suit. It appears to be a general workout timer, and it will track your heart rate, but you can’t log specific activities such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, or whatever else. It’s just a generic “workout” session, and you set a timer for how long you want to work out. This is definitely not a ring for those keen on fitness tracking.

Another surprising element of the Evie Ring app is that it doesn’t sync with Apple Health. It appears that all of the collected data from the Evie Ring will remain siloed in the app, which is another annoying factor. I prefer to have all of my health data in Apple Health from the various wearables I use, so this is a big letdown.

The biggest issue with the Evie Ring

Oura Ring and Movano Evie Ring app sleep chart comparison.
Oura sleep tracking (left) and Evie sleep tracking Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I have been wearing both the Evie Ring and my Oura Ring simultaneously for the past few weeks. My primary use for smart rings is for sleep tracking, so how accurate is the Evie Ring? From my tests, it’s not looking good.

From my most recent night of sleep, the Evie Ring says I fell asleep at 11:19 p.m.; in reality, it wasn’t until midnight when I actually fell asleep. I remember because I was on my phone and had trouble sleeping. My Oura Ring, however, logged my actual sleep time as starting at 11:47 p.m., which is much closer than the Evie Ring. I was fully up by 7:55 a.m., which was correctly recorded by Oura, while the Evie Ring thought I woke up after 8 a.m.

Oura tracking on the left and Evie tracking on the right.
Oura sleep tracking (left) and Evie sleep tracking Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Another day, my Oura Ring was accurate by logging my sleep starting at 11:39 p.m. and waking up at 7:50 a.m., while the Evie Ring said I slept at midnight and woke up at 9 a.m., which is not at all accurate. There was also a day when I forgot to sync my Evie Ring, so it seemed to not have any record of my sleep from the night before, making it look like I didn’t sleep at all.

With that in mind, the Evie Ring doesn’t seem to be able to store more than one day of data at a time, so you have to remember to sync it every day. If you don’t, that data can just disappear. Comparatively, the Oura Ring can store up to one week of data in between syncing with the app on your phone.

Oura and Evie sleep vital comparison.
Oura sleep tracking (left) and Evie sleep vital tracking Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The step count on the Evie Ring also seems a little off. As of this writing (around 10:30 a.m.), my Evie Ring says I have taken 1,968 steps today, while my Oura Ring says 1,637 steps so far. Meanwhile, my Apple Watch Ultra says 1,297 steps. There’s a large discrepancy in step count between them, but the Evie Ring looks like it’s the most inaccurate because I haven’t done much besides sitting at my desk and working.

The Evie Ring has not been as accurate as the Oura Ring from my testing, and that’s a big drawback.

Another thing about the Evie Ring that falls short compared to the Oura Ring is that it doesn’t seem to track naps. My Oura Ring usually records my naps automatically, depending on whether my nap meets a certain BPM threshold. However, the Evie Ring simply doesn’t offer nap tracking, which is disappointing.

I don’t see myself replacing my Oura Ring with Evie just yet. It’s still far too inaccurate for my liking, and the workout tracking is just not at all there yet. Plus, what kind of health and fitness app doesn’t sync with Apple Health? There are a lot of misses here.

Good battery life, convenient charging

Movano Evie Ring in gold in charging case.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The Evie Ring is advertised as lasting four days or more on a single charge. I have been getting around four days before popping it back on the charger, so at least that claim seems pretty accurate. It’s about the same that I get with my Oura Ring.

I do like the charger that the Evie Ring comes with. It’s similar to a charging case for wireless earbuds, as you just pop the ring inside, and it will start charging automatically. The case holds around 10 full charges for the ring, and you can charge it up with the included USB-C cable (or any other cable you already have).

Movano Evie Ring in gold in charging case being held upside down to show magnetic hold.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

You can see the battery level for your Evie Ring in the companion app, though it doesn’t show the battery level for the case, oddly enough. The case only has a light on the front to indicate when it’s charging or fully charged, but you can’t tell how many charges are left.

Movano Evie Ring price and availability

Movano Evie Ring in silver, gold, and rose gold.
Movano Health

You can only purchase the Movano Evie Ring directly from the company’s website. Unfortunately, the Evie Ring is temporarily out of stock right now, but you can sign up to be notified when it is back in stock.

The Evie Ring comes in three colors: silver, gold, and rose gold. It only comes in whole sizes from 5 to 12, and it is only one style. An Evie Ring costs $269, and there is no subscription fee to use the app, which is a plus — just pay for the ring, and you’re good to go. The Evie Ring is also HSA/FSA approved, so if you have one of those accounts, you can use it to purchase an Evie Ring when it’s back in stock.

Should you buy the Evie Ring?

A set of hands wearing a wedding ring, Movano Evie Ring in gold, and Oura Ring in rose gold.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

In its current form, I can’t fully recommend the Evie Ring, even if it’s the first smart ring specifically geared for women. I like the open-ended design, as it stands out from the rest of the competition and allows for some leeway with finger sizing changes that occur naturally. But there are too many shortcomings when you compare it to something like the Oura Ring, which has become a gold standard for the smart ring market.

In its current form, I can’t fully recommend the Evie Ring.

For one, the Evie Ring is just too inaccurate at times for me to recommend it to anyone. When you wear a health tracker, you need that information to be accurate, and the Evie Ring fails in that aspect. It thinks I fall asleep way earlier or wake up much later than I actually do, which isn’t helpful at all. And sometimes, it just fails to log any sleep at all. Sleep tracking is the main draw for any smart ring, and the Evie Ring is a big letdown here.

Oura Ring (left) and Movano Evie Ring.
Oura Ring (left) and Evie Ring. Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’m also not a fan of how the Evie Ring app doesn’t sync with Apple Health. My other health-related apps sync their data with Apple Health, so it’s odd that this one does not. The Evie app also feels very basic, especially with its extremely limited workout tracking.

Even though I’m not a fan of Oura requiring a subscription to get the most out of the data it collects, it’s proven to be the most useful for me. It has been the most accurate for my sleep tracking, the readiness score has been an accurate reflection of how I feel for the day, and it’s just overall more comprehensive and feels complete.

I hope that Movano improves the Evie Ring’s functionality and accuracy over time, as there is a lot of potential here. But for now, I’ll just stick with my Oura Ring — and you should, too.

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