Motorola Solutions acquires IPVideo for enhanced safety security tech

Motorola Solutions has acquired New York’s IPVideo, the firm behind the HALO Smart Sensor, a pivotal safety and security technology piece. The innovative device presents an array of functions, including vape detection, air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, abnormal noise and motion detection, and emergency keyword detection.

The HALO Smart Sensor can bolster situational awareness and extend the security perimeter in locations where cameras and video security solutions are less suitable. This can typically include restrooms, classrooms, hospitals, and hotel rooms while preserving privacy.

The HALO Smart Sensor is categorised as an intelligent sensor that picks up real-time health and safety threats. Its integration with Motorola Solutions will enrich its physical security offering, stressing its commitment to improving safety and security. The sensor’s cost-effective nature, easy deployment and operation make it a valuable addition to an enterprise of any size.

Mahesh Saptharishi, the CTO at Motorola Solutions, discussed the acquisition, emphasising the significance of integrating HALO’s potent sensor capabilities into its comprehensive physical security portfolio.

HALO, a non-video threat detection product, enhances its safety and security ecosystem. Saptharishi sees this as a strategic opportunity to introduce more detection solutions, further assisting customers in safeguarding individuals, assets, and locations. Additionally, he hinted at the potential for additional acquisitions to strengthen their offerings in the future.

Mahesh Saptharishi said, “With its powerful sensor capabilities, HALO extends our end-to-end physical security offering by integrating a non-video threat detection product into our safety and security ecosystem. We see this as an opportunity to introduce additional detection solutions that help our customers protect people, property and places.”

This acquisition underscored Motorola Solutions’ dedication to enhancing safety and security standards. In conjunction with IPVideo, they are determined to persistently provide security solutions to promote safer schools, hospitals, hotels and businesses overall.

David Antar, President at IPVideo, shares a positive outlook on the acquisition by Motorola Solutions, expressing excitement about the opportunity. He anticipates that the collaboration will enhance their ability to provide innovative solutions to customers. Antar envisions continued investment in and development of Motorola Solutions’ safety and security ecosystem.

The goal is to empower customers with advanced tools for protecting individuals and gaining valuable operational insights. The focus is on building upon the strengths of both entities to deliver even more robust offerings in the safety and security domain.

David Antar said, “We are excited to join Motorola Solutions and look forward to strengthening the innovative solutions we deliver to our customers. Together, we will continue investing in and building upon Motorola Solutions’ leading safety and security ecosystem, equipping customers with advanced ways to protect their people and enhance their operational insights.”

Although specifics of the transaction have been kept under wraps, the impact of this strategic move will invariably improve safety and security with an offering the company affirms is easy to deploy and operate for enterprises of all sizes.


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