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Motorola Moto G24 Power leaks with Samsung Galaxy S22 and Oppo Find X5 series styling cues

Like the also unreleased Moto G34, the Moto G24 Power features a tweaked design language that borrows from recent OnePlus and Galaxy S smartphones. In recent years, Motorola has stayed true to small squircle camera housings like on the Moto G54 and Moto G84. However, the Moto G24 Power shows Motorola creating the effect of camera housings diffusing into its side frames, much like Samsung and Oppo did with the Galaxy S22 and Find X5 series, respectively. Arguably, Motorola’s implementation is more successful on the Moto G24 Power than the Moto G34 thanks to a subtler blend between the former’s camera housing and back panel.

If the Moto G54 Power is anything to go by, then the Moto G24 Power will arrive with a 6,000 mAh battery, a 20% larger capacity than the 5,000 mAh equivalents offered in regular Moto G smartphones. Thus, the Moto G24 Power will likely be slightly bigger than the Moto G24; 0.9 mm and 15 g in the case of the Moto G54 Power and Moto G54. Evidently, the Moto G24 Power will contain a 50 MP primary camera too, mirroring the majority of Motorola’s recent Moto G smartphones. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen when the Moto G24 Power will be available yet, nor in which markets.

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